Laboratory Apparatus

We are one of the most trusted exporters and manufacturers of Laboratory apparatus widely used in school, college and research labs. We offer all types of apparatuses for every genre of lab including physics, chemistry, biology, analytical, engineering, mechanics, electronics and many more. We are aimed at providing only high quality equipments at competitive prices. All products are nicely packed in sturdy packaging material for safe delivery.
Insect Net
Insect Net Model LA00128
We carry a wide range of insect nets. These are used to catch insects from fields for observation for anatomical and biological structure.

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Cotton Swabs
Cotton Swabs Model LA0056
Cotton swabs are also known as sampling swabs. These are use in the collection, transportation and preservation of various types of micro-organisms. Synthetic and natural cotton swabs allow use of swab accordingly to the type of material to be tested.

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Burette Brush
Burette Brush Model LA0028
Find excellent quality Bristle head brushes for burette cleaning, mounted on stainless steel wire handle. It has a cotton tip that makes cleaning burettes easy, effective and hassle-free. Standard size available for 50ml Burettes.

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Cotton Thread Roll
Cotton Thread Roll Model LA0057
Premium quality cotton reel thread for attaching and tying certain components required to conduct the experiment. The thread is made of pure cotton and comes wounded in reels.

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Vernier Caliper
Vernier Caliper Model LA0030
Calliper is an instrument used to measure distance between the two objects. It consists of two hinged legs made from premium quality metal.

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Lid for Copper Calorimeter Model LA0058
Lid can also be purchased separately which has a central tubule for thermometer and slit for stirrer. It is manufactured from high quality bakelite material for conduction of experiment accurately.

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Crucible with Lid
Crucible with Lid Model LA0059
A crucible container is made from porcelain that can withstand very high temperatures and is used for metal, glass, and pigment production as well as a number of modern laboratory processes.

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Cryovials Model LA0060
Cryogenic vials are containers which are used to store biological material, human or animal cells, at lower temperatures in gas phase.

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Cylindrical Magnets
Cylindrical Magnets Model LA0061
These are cylindrical shaped magnets which are relatively more powerful than other magnets. North and South Pole are indicated with red and blue colour.

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Dark Germination Chamber
Dark Germination Chamber Model LA0062
Dark germination chamber is a wooden case made to assess the direction growth of seedlings due to impact of light on them. The right chamber has a window at the top and back and acts as control chamber when used with clear front window.

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Day Night Model, Candle Type
Day Night Model, Candle Type Model LA0063
It is a working model which shows how days and nights are formed when the earth rotates on its axis in front of the sun.

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DC Regulated Power Supply
DC Regulated Power Supply Model LA0064
Variable DC regulated power supply is an electronic instrument that provides DC current in the various experiments. The instrument is made from high quality sturdy materials to ensure safe operation and hassle-free use.

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Desoldering Pump Model LA0065
As the name suggests, desoldering pump is a suction unit that sucks the molten solder when the button is triggered and can be removed later from the device.

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Demonstration Motor Model
Demonstration Motor Model Model LA0066
Demonstration motor model is constructed to explain the principles of an electric motor. It is fitted with all the components present in motor in order to provide a detailed view of a intricacies of motor structure.

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Insect Storage Box
Insect Storage Box Model LA00127
It is wooden box with a glass fitted lid. The main purpose of the insect storage box is to store insect specimens for study and observation.

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