Laboratory Plasticware

Our Plasticware is widely used in schools, colleges & research laboratories because of our distinguished quality in production. The Plasticware exported and supplied by us is made with high quality plastic. We carry a broad of consummate plasticware which includes burettes, pipette pump, connectors, petri dishes and much more. Classic Laboratory Plasticware products are made with expertise under strict quality control norms. Carefully designed and skilfully made ideal Laboratory Plasticware is one of our speciality. We aim to deliver the best to our clients at competitive prices. Browse our whole collection which items suits your requirements to the maximum.
Burette Model LP0001
Burette is subsisting of leak proof stopcock fitted with a self lubricating PTFE plug and with a transparent acrylic body and a.

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Pipette Pump
Pipette Pump Model LP0002
This pump is featured with fast release pipetting device for precise pipetting & zip quick emptying.

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Connectors (L Shaped)
Connectors (L Shaped) Model LP0003
To provide excellent leak-proof tube arrangements L shaped connectors

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Desicctor (Vacuum)
Desicctor (Vacuum) Model LP0004
HOVERLABS desiccators are composed of polypropylene and polycarbonate. Autoclavable vacuum desiccators can hold vacuum upto 740 mm of HG for 24 hrs. The top dome, molded in rigid and transparent polycarbonate, gives a crystal clear view of the desiccant placed inside.

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Petri Dish
Petri Dish Model LP0005
These polypropylene petri dishes are clear, unbreakable & autoclavable.

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Petri Dish (Culture)
Petri Dish (Culture) Model LP0006
PS Petri Dish with fitting proves excellent for culture exp. Contrived in polystyrene, this transparent Petri Dish furnished with excellent inside view.

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Atomic Model Set
Atomic Model Set Model LP0007
Atomic Model Sets subsist of molded balls of different colors and sizes along with connecting lugs of different sizes. These sets are very accommodating in modeling different organic & inorganic compounds.

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Crystal Model Set
Crystal Model Set Model LP0008
These crystal model sets subsist of different colored jacks (red, black & white) & connectors (long & short) in an urged number to be joined together in an illustrated way to form structures like diamond, graphite & sodium chloride.

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Connectors Model LP0009
These l shaped connectors also add to the range of different connectors committed to provide excellent leakproof tube arrangements

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MCT Twin Rack
MCT Twin Rack Model LP0010
HOVERLABS contributes this twin purpose rack for both 0. 5 ml. & 1. 5 ml. Micro centrifuge tubes. Each side has 108 holes for 0. 5 & 1. 5 ml. MCT's, respectively.

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PCR Tube Rack
PCR Tube Rack Model LP0011
This rack, as the name suggests, is used for keeping PCR tubes. Top & base of this rack are composed of tough & transparent polycarbonate while the middle portion is composed of polypropylene.

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MCT Boxes
MCT Boxes Model LP0012
MCT Boxes are molded in polycarbonate and are therefore strong as well as autoclavable. One size can hold 64 MCTs of 1.5 ml. & the other can hold 100 MCT's of 0.5 ml

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Cryo Rack
Cryo Rack Model LP0013
HOVERLABS cryo rack is molded in polycarbonate making it tough, durable & autoclavable.

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Micro Test Plates
Micro Test Plates Model LP0014
HOVERLABS micro test plates are composed of optically clear, non-toxic polystyrene.

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Petri Dishes (Disposable)
Petri Dishes (Disposable) Model LP0015
Petri Dishes are Transparent, ready to use, disposable petri dishes are composed of optically clear, non-toxic, polystyrene.

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