Power & Instrumentation Lab

We carry a wide range of power and instrumentation trainers designed to demonstrate the module of electric energy and functioning of various instruments. Our trainers are reliable, durable and easy to operate. Various principles and theories can be easily understood with these training systems. Accuracy is maintained in each equipment, so as to imitate the functions of real modules and equipments. High quality raw material is used in the manufacturing of these power and instrumentation lab trainers. This is a one stop shop for all kinds of training systems and kits.
Load Cell (Strain Guage) Trainer
Load Cell (Strain Guage) Trainer Model PIL001
The Load Cell Trainer provided by us is a smart learning tool as it very well demonstrates the working Principle of a load cell.A load cell is a transducer which converts a force or applied strain into electrical signal. It is Highly demanded in Educational Institutions and Industrial Applications.

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LVDT Displacement Measurement Trainer
LVDT Displacement Measurement Trainer Model PIL002
Best Quality LVDT Trainers are provided by us. It is highly Sensitive, Linear Stable and Accurate.It can be easily operated. High reliability and repeatability.One can easily analyse Input and Output characteristics,linear range of operation ,sensitivity and phase difference of LVDT.

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Pressure Measurement Trainer
Pressure Measurement Trainer Model PIL003
The trainer consists of a(strain gauge based )pressure cell.Hoverlabs ensures the high quality trainer availability.The trainers provided by us are highly demanded ineducational institutes.One can easily give the demonstration of pressure measurement uding this kit.

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RTD Temperature Measurement Trainer Model PIL004
A platinum resistance temperature

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Thermocouple Temperature measurement Trainer Model PIL005
Thermocouple based temperature measurement trainers available with us are rugged and reliable.A thermocouple is an electrical device made up of two different conductors forming electrical junctions at differing temperatures.It can be used over a wide temperature range.

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Magnetic Pickup Distance Measurement Trainer
Magnetic Pickup Distance Measurement Trainer Model PIL006
Distance can be easily measured using Magnetic Pick Up Trainer provided by HoverLabs.On board Transducer Magnetic Pickup Sensor,RPM meter for measurement of speed,potentiometer for varying speed,DC motor with shaft and push button to reset the count and many more features.

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Sample & Hold Trainer
Sample & Hold Trainer Model PIL007
The trainer provided by us finds it's application in communication field for sampling and holding the input signals.Sample and Hold Trainer comes with various features and specifications as mentioned below.

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Photoelectric Pick Up Speed Measurement Train
Photoelectric Pick Up Speed Measurement Train Model PIL008
Using a photoelectric transducer speed can be measured conveniently as anumber of photon devices are available. A photo diode can be used as transducer.The resistance of photodiode reduces drastically ,when exposed to light radiation. A photo diode and a light emitting diode is mounted in such a manner that full radiated energy falls upon the diode. Hoverlabs is known for offering a wide range of products with high functionality and error free delivery of products to customers.

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