Laboratory Supplies

We include wide range of laboratory supplies in our extensive range of educational and scientific laboratory equipments our range starts from stationary products to large lab crucibles. All the supplies are quality tested before being shipped to the clients. The materials used in the manufacturing of these lab supplies are of high quality. Various types and models available.
Steam Engine Model
Steam Engine Model Model LS001
This steam engine model is designed to demonstrate the functioning of a steam engine. It displays the mechanism and components present in a steam engine.

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Stirring Rod
Stirring Rod Model LS002
Made of glass these stirring rods are used to stir solutions made in chemistry labs. Stirring rods are not only confined to the purpose of stirring and are also used to decant or pour liquids slowly.

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Mechanical Stop Clock Model LS004
A stop clock is a small portable device which used to measure the amount of time between the start and end of a particular task. It has a start and stop lever.

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Student Binoculars
Student Binoculars Model LS005
Student Binoculars are light weight viewing instruments to see far distant objects. These tough, rubber-covered binoculars are waterproof, fog proof, and nitrogen-purged for use in all kinds of weather.

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Glass Syringe
Glass Syringe Model LS006
We carry the most comprehensible line of glass syringes with multifit interchangeability and are supplied with non-sterilization condition. The quality of our glass syringes is unbeatable quality

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T Tube Plastic Connector
T Tube Plastic Connector Model LS007
We are exporters and suppliers of chemistry plastic ware including T-tubes used as connectors in chemistry lab apparatuses. It is made of premium quality plastic for a longer life span.

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T.S Leaf Model
T.S Leaf Model Model LS008
Avail well labelled diagram of T S leaf at HOVERLABS. We deal in extensive of range of models and charts used science labs. This T.S Leaf diagram comes mounted on a cardboard base along with label key pasted on the right hand corner of the diagram.

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TDS Meter Bench Top
TDS Meter Bench Top Model LS009
We own a broad range of reliable and accurate TDS Meters. The main function of TDS Meters is to measure the Conductivity/TDS/Salinity of aqueous solutions.

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Telephone Trainer
Telephone Trainer Model LS0010
Telephone trainer is the imitation of a real phone. It displays the internal structure of a telephone and how electric currents travel in circuits to allow reception and transfer of voice from one place to another.

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Solar System Model
Solar System Model Model LS0011
This tellurium model is designed to show the orbits of the earth and moon while earth rotates on its axis. It is also used to demonstrate seasons and changing length of day by tilting thee axis of the earth.

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Terrestrial Telescope
Terrestrial Telescope Model LS0012
Terrestrial telescope model is crafted with an aim to showcase the principle of a terrestrial telescope. It comes fitted with three convex lenses working as objective, the inverter, and the eyepiece respectively.

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Test Tube Borosilicate Glass
Test Tube Borosilicate Glass Model LS0013
We have a wide range of glass test tube in various capacities. The test tubes are generally used in chemistry labs to hold, mix and heat small quantities of aqueous solutions.

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Test Tube Brush
Test Tube Brush Model LS0014
Test tube brushes are mainly used to clean the residue from the test tube surface to make them ready for other experiments.

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Test Tube Holder
Test Tube Holder Model LS0015
We are also exporters and suppliers of test tube holders. This test tube holder is designed to hold a single test tube while mixing and heating a substance.

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Test Tube Holder Wire Type
Test Tube Holder Wire Type Model LS0016
Catering to the requirements of our clients, we also provide wire type test tube holders. These are made up of plated steel wire holder with finger grip and wire collar.

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