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Water Vapor Absorption Tester
Water Vapor Absorption Tester Model HV-EXP5832
Water Vapor Absorption Tester - The weight of water vapours absorbed by a sample of leather is determined by fixing a circular piece of leather over a cylindrical cavity in a metal container having distilled water inside it. The test specimen is held firmly against the lip of the cavity and allowed to come in contact with the vapours left off by the water for a specified period of time. The gain in weight of the test specimen because of absorption of vapours by it is determined, from which the value of Water Vapour Absorption is calculated. &civil lab equipments manufacturers.

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Water Testing Kit Model HV-EXP5831
Water Testing Kit: (Drinking/ Agriculture/ Fisheries) Water plays a very important role in the lives of living organism. The quality of water consumed for various purpose needs to be checked before physical use. Various important applications of water are of Agriculture, Fisheries, Aquarium and Drinking Water. Parameters: Drinking: pH Turbidity TDS Hardness Chlorides Residual Chlorine Iron Nitrates Fluoride Arsenic Bacteriological Test Agriculture: pH E.C Hardness Chloride Alkalinity Fisheries: pH TDS Hardness Alkalinity CO2 DO Nitrities Ammonia Phosphate civil lab equipments manufacturer. , Water Testing Kit Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Water Testing Kit Lab suppliers

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Vamp Flex Tester Low Temperature Model Model HV-EXP5801
Vamp Flex Tester Low Temperature Model - The Vamp Flex Tester is used for assessing the tendency of shoe uppers and lining materials to crack or fail at the flexing creases formed in the upper during walking. & In this test, square shaped test specimens are held at their opposite edges in two inverted V-shaped clamps having their holding faces in the same plane. One of the clamps is kept fixed while the other is made to move towards it and back repeatedly, producing cracks similar to those formed in the vamp of the shoe. This process is repeated continuously and the condition of the test specimens checked after different specified number of flexing cycles till failure occurs. For conducting resistance to hydrolysis the test specimens are conditioned in saturated water vapour atmosphere by keeping them in a dessicator above water for seven days at 70°C, followed by conditioning under a standard temperature for 24 hours before conducting the flexing test at -5°C. civil lab equipments manufacturers.

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Pelton Turbine Test Rig
Pelton Turbine Test Rig Model HV-EXP5787
Pelton Turbine Test Rig Test rig consists of a Pelton wheel water Turbine, designed for laboratory experimental purposes and to conduct test in metric units. The setup consists of a Pelton turbine coupled to a rope brake dynamometer. A centrifugal pump supplies water at high pressure to the turbine unit.The turbine consists of a cast iron body with a large transparent acrylic window, a nozzle and spear arrangement, a rotor assembly of shaft, runner and a brake drum all mounted on a sturdy base frame. The pelton buckets and nozzle are made of gunmetal and the spear made of brass for corrosion resistance. The input to the turbine is controlled by adjusting the spear position with a hand wheel. The transparent perspex sheet side casing is provided for visual observation of flow on the buckets. The power developed by the turbine is absored by the rope brake dynamometer. Instruments are provided to measure the input water flow rate & pressure as well as speed & torque. Experimental Capabilities: To measure power developed by Pelton Turbine. To calculate meachanical efficiency of the Turbine. To plot performance curved for Pelton Turbine. Technical Specifications: Pelton Turbine: Design Speed - 1000 RPM. Output Power - 1.0 KW Dynamometer: Rope brake dynamometer coupled to the turbine Pump: Centrifugal monoblock pump, Capacity 5 hp, 440Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz with DOL Starter Water flow measurement: Venturimeter with pressure taps connected to two pressure gauges Storage tank: Made in MS, FRP Lined for rust protection Spring balance: 0-50 Kg, for torque measurement Tachometer for Speed measurement .

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Slake Durability Apparatus
Slake Durability Apparatus Model HV-EXP4600
Technical Description » For determination of resistance offered by rock to weathering and disintegration when subjected to immersion in water. » Facility to test upto four sets of samples » Quick coupling for assembly and removal of drums & The equipment consists of: & Base Board with Motor Drive assembly with tow drum and tank assemblies. Suitable for working at 220 V, Single Phase, AC supply. Supply with Electric timer, 0-30 min. & Optional Accessories & Pair of Drums and Tank Assemblies,&including coupling, to enable upto 4 test drums to be driven at a time & Electrical Timer,&0-30 min. mechanical lab equipments manufacturers & &.

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Pounding Tester
Pounding Tester Model HV-EXP4397
Pounding Tester - We offer Pounding Tester, which is used to test the compression of foam. The effect of repeated application of pressure on the surface of a slab of polyurethane foam experienced in its normal life is evaluated by simulating these conditions in laboratory by applying and releasing a specified force for a specified number of times, after which the effect of such pounding on the physical characteristics such as hardness index, thickness, and cell structure are observed to evaluate the quality of foam slab. civil lab equipments manufacturers.

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Vicat Softening Point Apparatus High Temperature Model HV-EXP4395
Vicat Softening Point Apparatus High Temperature - Vicat softening temperature of plastics is the temperature at which a standard flat-ended indentor penetrates 1 mm into the surface of the material under test under a specified load. The test is conducted by placing a test specimen taken from the sample under test on a flat platform inside a liquid bath and applying compression load over its upper face through a flat-ended indentor. The load is applied by placing dead weights on the upper end of the indentor. After the test specimen attains the temperature of the bath, the bath temperature is increased gradually till the indentor penetrates by exactly 1 mm into the test specimen. The bath temperature in degrees centigrade at which this happens is reported as the Vicat Softening Temperature of the sample under test. & The& Vicat Softening Temperature Apparatus for plastics consists of a hinged metallic frame which serves as support for the test specimen. The frame is fitted with a bush for guiding a rod with a hardened indenting tip at its lower end and a loading platform near its top to place the weights on. A dial gauge is fitted at the upper end of the frame to measure the movement of the rod. The parts that are immersed in the bath during the test are made from brass. The indentor is made from high speed steel. civil lab equipments manufacturers &. Plastic Films Testing Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Plastic Films Testing Lab suppliers

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Pilling Tester
Pilling Tester Model HV-EXP4382
Pilling Tester - Pilling Tester is a fabric surface fault characterized by little pills of entangled fibres clinging to the surface. These are formed during wearing or washing by the entanglement of the loose fibres, which protrude from the fabric surface, and development of these into spherical bundles anchored to the fabric by a few unbroken fibers. These give a very unsightly look to the garments. & To determine the tendency to form pills, test specimens taken from the fabric sample are rubbed against each other under controlled conditions and the appearance of the test specimen after rubbing for the specified period is compared against standard rating photographs for grading the fabric under test. & Technical Data Inside dimensions of wooden boxes : 225 x 225 x 225 mm & Thickness of cork lining :3 mm & Speed of rotation of boxes : 60 rpm & Dimensions of rubber tubes : 32 outer diameter 25.5 inside diameter 140 mm length & Motor :frac14; HP, single-phase, 230 volts AC & Counter : 5 digit pre-set type electronic counter.

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Indentation Hardness Tester
Indentation Hardness Tester Model HV-EXP3182
Indentation Hardness Tester - The feel of softness of any flexible foam is quantitatively defined by its indentation hardness. Indentation hardness is determined by pressing a circular indentor at a specified speed against a block of foam and finding the force needed to compress the block to a specified percentage of its initial thickness. & The Indentation Hardness Tester for polyurethane foam seats consists of a circular steel indentor that can be pressed against the test specimen kept on a flat horizontal surface at a specified speed with arrangement to measure the load being applied by the indentor on the test specimen, arrangement to measure the thickness of the test specimen at the start of the test under a specified load, and arrangement to stop the movement of the indentor automatically after the desired deflection..

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A.C Alternator And Synchronous Generator
A.C Alternator And Synchronous Generator Model HV-EXP2931
A.C Alternator And Synchronous Generator We are one of the reputed A.C Alternator or  Generator suppliers and manufacturers from India. These alternators are manufactured using the high quality raw materials ensuring the durability, reliability, high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion. Our Generators are accurately designed by our skilled engineers in order to meet the specific client’s requirements. These alternators are appreciated for their maintenance free performance, durable service, high strength and compact design D.C Motor coupled with A.C Alternator (Non Salient pole or Rotating arm type) Bearings available in large size for trouble free and longer life operations Permeability steel in high quality used to make outer yokes. For the non stop performance, the perfect quality copper conductors of insulated materials are used In order to have low noise we designed these in Tilted construction rotors with exact balance. Non salient type and fixed pole type revolving armatures To avoid any sort of mishap during operations, special guards are fitted on the couplings D.C Motor Shunt/Compound 5HP Coupled with A.C Alternator 3KVA (Separately of self Excited) D.C Motor Shunt/Compound 2HP coupled with A.C Alternator 1KVA (Separately or self Excited) D.C Motor Shunt/Compound 3HP coupled with A.C Alternator 1.5KVA (Separately of self Excited) The D.C motor fixed with alternator can be used for following experiments. To measure the zero and negative sequence reaction of synchronous machines. To measure the quadrature axis and direct axis reaction of an alternator. To measure the quadrature and sub transient direct axis reactio0n of salient pole machines.

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Analog Indentation Hardness Tester
Analog Indentation Hardness Tester Model HV-EXP3180
Analog Indentation Hardness Tester - .

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Indentation Hardness Tester For Polyurethane Foam Model HV-EXP3181
Indentation Hardness Tester For Polyurethane Foam - The feel of softness of any flexible foam is quantitatively defined by its indentation hardness. Indentation hardness of foam is determined by pressing a circular indentor at a specified speed against a block of foam and finding the force needed to compress it to a specified percentage of its initial thickness. The& Indentation Hardness Tester For Polyurethane Foam consists of a circular indentor which can be pressed against the foam block under test, a motorized arrangement to move the indentor up or down, and a load measuring and indicating arrangement to indicate the load being exerted by the indentor on the foam block at any instant..

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Wind Tunnel Model HV-EXP2728
Wind Tunnel WIND TUNNEL” has been developed to perform various experiments of aerodynamics and fluid flow. This is a open circuit Wind Tunnel provides a region of controlled air flow into which models can be fitted at downstream of working section. The Tunnel consists of bell mouth shaped entry to guide the air smoothly into settling chamber and stabilizes the air flow this follows working section for test section where various models can be tested. Test section with acrylic sheet, will be provided for visual observation. Working section is followed by diffuser section which reduces the dynamic pressure at the exit. A fan coupled with motor is used to produce desired wind velocity. Experimentation: To plot speed curve for wind tunnel. T study pressure distribution around (A) aerofoil (B) Cylinder (C) Sphere. To measure lift and drag on aerofoil model. To study the development of boundary layer along a plate in Tunnel. Utilities Required : Electricity Supply : 3Phase, 440V AC, 3 KW Floor Area 10 x 3.5 m Technical Details : Variable Speed Model : 3HP Crompton make motor with Speed Controller Fixed Speed Model : 3HP Crompton make motor Type : Open Type Wind Tunnel. Test Section : 250 x 250 x 1000 mm. Blower : Compatible Capacity Air Velocity : Maximum 30 m/s (in Test Section). Digital Force Indicator : For Lift and Drag force Multiple Manometer : 0-40° inclination with vertical axis. U Tube Manometer : Length 500 mm. Inclined manometer : 300 mm Pitot Static Tube : For Velocity Measurement .

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Capacitive Load Model HV-EXP2316
Capacitive Load 1 Phase capacitors load ISI marked of suitable raiting. Connected instar with safe discharging resistors. Variable steps with the help of rotary switches in steps of 1 amp approx. Housed in trolley typed M.S. Box with powder coated. Ammeter and voltmeter are used to study the current and voltage at different loads 5A/10A/15A both is single and three phase.

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Inductive Load Model HV-EXP2317
Inductive Load It works on variation of air gap principle. Works on principle of air gap variation. High grade silicon used with stamping Fitted in trolley with MS box coated with powder Voltage and ammeter are used to find the voltage and current at variable loads Copper conductor connected with 3PH choke coil star. For the high insulation strength, wound coils are impregnated in vacuum pressure  5A/10A/15A/20A for 1ph and 3ph types of Inductive load.

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