Dental Equipment for Medical lab

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Dental Surgical Microscope
Dental Surgical Microscope Model HV-DE0001
Dental surgical microscope magnification is used for dental surgical processes. It encloses fiber optic illumination system with brightness adjustment knob. It provides convenience for adjusting the brightness according to the need.

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Dental Microscope Continuous Zoom Magnification
Dental Microscope Continuous Zoom Magnification Model HV-DE0003
This dental operating microscope continuous zoom magnification is consisting of a high intensity light source that can be focused to shine as a slit. Dental microscope is commonly used for common dental surgeries to the patient.

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Dental Microscope , Direct Halogen
Dental Microscope , Direct Halogen Model HV-DE0004
Dental Microscope (Direct Halogen) is used for diagnosing dental ailments.Our product provides different ways of fixation, working distance and magnification.

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Dental Loupe
Dental Loupe Model HV-DE0005
Dental Loupe have features of independent focusing. These lens are lightweight. It provides a high impressive performance with robust frame making work easy going.

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