Universal Testing Machines

Fostering on the years of experience in this industry, we have added Universal Testing Machines in our wide array of products. All our machines are fully equipped with quality components for a clean performance and longer life span. These equipments are made under strict quality control facility.
Computerized Universal Testing Machine
Computerized Universal Testing Machine Model HV-UM0001
It is based on the constant hydraulic principle. The machine provide tension & compression test. Load frame depend on the machine capacity.

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Digital Universal Testing Machine
Digital Universal Testing Machine Model HV-UM0002
It is based on the constant hydraulic principle. The machine provide tension & compression test.Load frame depend on the machine capacity. Middle slide is moving with the help of leading screw and upper slide is stile with help of two pillars.

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Universal Pendulum Impact Tester Model HV-EXP4813
Release of pendulum by Hand operation Safety guards for protection Braking arrangement provided to arrest the swing of pendulum after specimen rupture. Capacity 30kgM / 300 Joules & Charpy and Impact Tension Test Izod Test Pendulum drop angle 140° 85° Pendulum effective weight 20.59 kgs. 21.79 kgs Pendulum speed 5.3465 m/sec 3.857 m/sec Pendulum Impact Energy 30 kgM (300 J) 16.4 kgM (164 J) Min. graduation 0.2 kgM (2J) 0.2 kgM (2J) Distance of axis of hammer rotation and centre of test piece/point of test piece hit by hammer 825 mm 825mm Max. permissible loss by friction X windage, etc 0.5% of max. impact energy mechanical lab equipments manufacturers. Steel Metal Mechanics Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Steel Metal Mechanics Lab suppliers

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Servo Universal Testing Machine Model HV-EXP4811
Specifications: Machine stiffness (Kn/mm) 80 Accuracy ±0.5% Max. capacity (KN) 2 Measuring range 2%-100% of FS Load accuracy ±0.5% of indicated value Resolution of load 1/200000 of max. test load Resolution of displacement(mm) 0 Moving speed range(mm/min) 0.005-500, stepless Relative error of moving speed ±1% Resolution of moving speed control <±1%mm/min: =±1% Gauge of standard extensometer(mm) 50 Max. deformation measuring(mm) 10 Deformation measuring range(mm) 2%-100% of max. deformation Relative error of deformation reading ±1% Accuracy of deformation measuring ±0.5%(within 2%-100%of max. extensometer range) Long travel extensometer measuring range (mm) 10~800 (Need to be ordered separately) Accuracy of long travel extensometer value ±0.5% Total travel of middle crosshead(mm) 850 Max. distance from working platform to bottom side of middle Crosshead (mm) 950mm Width of test space(mm) 400 Resolution of ball screw 16µm/300mm E Class Load frame dimensions(mm) 610×480×1274 (LxWx H) mechanical lab equipments manufacturers. Steel Metal Mechanics Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Steel Metal Mechanics Lab suppliers

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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Model HV-EXP4812
Technical Specifications : Frequency : 05-12 MHZ Sensitivity : 140+/-3dB Gain Control : 103 dB in 0.25, 0.5, 6 dB Steps Horizontal Linearity :pound; + 1% of Test Range Vertical Linearity :pound; + 3% of Screen Height Accuracy of calibration Gain : + 1 dB Test Range : 0-10 mm / 0-10 mt in Steel CRT Screen : 70 X 55 mm Delay : 0-500 mm in steel Suppression : 0-50% of Screen Height PRF : 125 Hz -2KHz coupled with test range Voltage Supply : 7.2 VDC (Ni-cd Batteries) Battery Life : 3-4 Hours Acceptable Temperature : 0-50oC Test Method : Pulse echo/ through transmission Operating Mode : Single/ Double Probe, T/R Mode Dimensionsamp; Weight (Incl. Batteries) : 4400 MV @380x280x230mmndash; 7.5 Kg Pulse Energy Selection : High energyamp; High penetration LCD Display : 4 x 20 Alfa Numeric Memory : Calibration 10 Sets, Measured 100 sets Velocity Adjustment : 0-9999 m/s Essential Accessories: Normal Beam Hard Face Probe with side BNC Connector Dia 12.5 mm Frequency 5 MHz (KC50-5.0) With BNC-BNC Single cableamp; Test Block. Steel Metal Mechanics Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Steel Metal Mechanics Lab suppliers

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Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine Model HV-EXP4810
Capacity:&60T (Max upto 2000kN) Single Test Frame with dual zone to conduct Tensile, Compression and flexural test. Four column load frame with dual pressure hydraulic loading system. Four Column and two screw construction to allow for a larger, more robust testing area. Extension resolution from cross head: 1micron (0.001mm) Display of force, positionamp; strain valves (in kg/ kN/ Lbs/ Tons) Hand held controller for indicating load elongation, speed for loading and unloading in the manual mode, for pump start/stop, return, max value, crosshead up/dowm and stop. A variable sample break function to display peak values automatically, and return the crosshead. Automatic value-Hydraulic safety values (using only Parkeramp; Bosch valves) Automatic piston zero positioned. Control System provided with closed-load control, allowing precise control of load, strain and position rates when used with test software, driven by Vfd motor for higher torque. Load Measurementamp; Accuracy: Load Measurement: Pressure Transducer load weighing system (capacity 400 bars) Accuracy:plusmn;5% of the indicated load from 0.2% to 100% of capacity. Resolution : better than 1/100,000 of capacity (0.001kN) Friction free design : no oil seal for maintenance free operation (cylinder piston lapped to 2 microns finish) Basic Testing Clearances: 450- 575mm clearance between screws& 850 - 1000 mm Standard Opening& 750 - 850 mm maximum clearance in tension& 650 - 850 mm maximum compression clearance& 135 -200mm hydraulic stroke Standard Speed Ranqes: 0 to 100mm /min testing speed& 250 - 350 mm/min per minute adjustable crosshead speed Speed Resolution: 0.005 - 0.02 mm/min can be improved upto 100mm/min. Steel Metal Mechanics Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Steel Metal Mechanics Lab suppliers

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Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine Model HV-EXP4809
Features: Superior designamp; workmanship Auto and Manual Start Settings Touch panel backlit LCD display for ease of use Rigid construction to minimize compliance errors Various data processing functions including: conversions, Tabulations, standard deviation etc. Easily change test loads by the turn of a dial Meets EU low voltage standards Specially fitted to withstand overturning Technical Specifications: Test Loads 588.4/60 980.7/100 1471/150 N/kgf Load Control Automatic (Loadingndash; Holdingndash; Release) Start Operation Automatic Start/Manual Start Selection Dwell Time 1-99 sec (key entry in units of seconds) Plastic measurement Standard function, time up to hardness value display after release: 1 to 99 sec. Scale Display C,D,A,G,B,F,K,E,H,P,M,L,V,S,R Data Memory Max. 256 test data Hardness conversion Specified scale on real time display OK/NG criteria Upper and lower limits setting, and HI/LOW display Data edition Batch conversion of memorized measurement data (Mean value, max.value, min.Value, standard deviation, dispersion (R). Converted values, same. Baud rate: 1200/2400/4800/9600 bps selectable& Communication line Error detection, parity even/parity none/selectable Accuracy Conform to JIS B7726 and ASTM-18 Max sample height Model 1:250mm, Model 2:200mm Max sample depth 160 mm Power Supply Single phase AC 100-240v 50/60 Hz Standard Accessories: Standard hardness block. Diamond indenter (Built in) Steel ball indenter (1/16”cent;) Spare steel ball (1/16”cent;) Anvil 60mmcent; flat Anvil V shape Spare fuse 100-120V3A 200-240V 2A Power Cord (3P-2.5m) Level adjusting leg Auxiliary tools Stabilizing attachment Machine cover.

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Hydraulic Electronic Microporcessor Based Version Model HV-EXP4819
HYDRAULIC ELECTRONIC MICROPROCESSOR BASED VERSION Ergonomically designed State of the Art Technology Microprocessor based Digital Indicator Unit. 2 Channels, one for digital display of load in KN/KGF and other for Displacement in mm in bright, shadow-less display. Feather-touch push buttons for Tare, Peak Hold-Load, Peak Hold - Displacement and Auto Calibration. Bright Digital Display  Resolution 10,000 Counts for load Resolution for Displacement 0.01 mm Optionals : Resolution - 20,000 Counts for load and 0.01 mm or 0.001 mm for elongation as per requirement at extra cost. PC with Software and Printer. Provision of Analouge Display with Autographic Recorder . RS 232 serial port Printer Port

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Hydraulic Mechanical Model HV-EXP4820
Loading accuracy as high as ±1%. Straining at variable speeds to suit a wide range of materials. Motor driven threaded columns for quick effortless adjustment of lower cross-head to facilitate rapid fixing of test specimen. Continuous roll autographic recorded supplied as standard to enable study of the behaviour of materials. High reading accuracy due to large size and design of dial. Large effective clearance between columns enables testing of standard specimens as well as structures. Easy change from plain to threaded and screwed specimens. Robust staining frame of an extremely rigid construction. Fully enclosed and protected pendulum. Simple controls for ease of operation. Safe Operation ensured by means of safety devices. Wide range of standard and optional accessories, including load stabilizer. Chrome Plated Metal Components. Plain & threaded columns are hard chrome-plated to give the machine a perpetual new look.

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Computerized Servo Control Version Model HV-EXP4821
Universal Testing Machine Stress Controlled kn/min. Strain Controlled mm/min. Torque compensated power pack. Air cooled Inter cooler. 100% control via RJ45. On-Board characteristics linearizing. Fully Computer Controlled.

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Tensile Testing Machine with Electronic Display Model HV-EXP4822
Machine Type Single Arm Column Max Load Capacity 5kN [2% ~ 100% of total test load (100N~1000N)] Basic Test type Tensile, bending, compressing etc. Specimen shape Flat, Block,Round stick etc. Crosshead displacement velocity 0.005mm/m in ~ 500mm/min stepless control Accuracy Better than 1% Resolution 0.01mm Dimension of Load frame 500mmx400mmx1430mm Net Weight of Main body 150kG Power Supply 220V 50Hz.

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Computerized Brinell Hardness Testing Machine
Computerized Brinell Hardness Testing Machine Model HV-EXP4805
Features: Automatic spindle upamp; down Dwell time setting Computerized system i.e. Brinell Image Analysis systems (B.I.A.S.) PCamp; Window (XP) Operating system procured by customer Range of measurement is from 1 mm to 6 mm diameter with the resolution of 0.01 mm Software Features: Well managed data base Saves readings with respect to batch and certificate Report generation in the form of certificate and graph Designed in accordance with International Standards: Technical Specifications: Load (kgf) 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 kgf Load Control Auto (By Hydraulic ) Start Operation Automatic start (By push button/Hydraulic Power Pack) Dwell Time 0 to 99 seconds Accuracy Conforms to ASTM-E 10/IS 1500 Max. Specimen Height 9.5 in. (240 mm) Max. Specimen Depth 50 in. (130 mm) Initial load Nil Size of BAE 370 x 670 mm Driver motor 0.33-415 V/P HP Main supply /Cy/PH 415/50/3 Standard Accessories: Anvil, Flat (7.9 in./200 mm) Anvil, Flat (2.4 in/60 mm) Anvil, V ( 2.4 in/ 60 mm) Hardness Standard Ball Indenter (0.4 in./10 mmamp; 5mm) Spare Fuse Power Cord Dust Cover Instruction Manual Hardness Conversion Table. Steel Metal Mechanics Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Steel Metal Mechanics Lab suppliers

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Computerized Universal Testing Machine Model HV-EXP4817
Specifications: 400/440V, 50Hz Three Phase A.C Supply 1.5 H.P with hydraulic system Designed to perform variety of tests like tension, compression, etc. on metallic materials. Continuous roll autographic load recorder Provision for computer with user friendly software Auto detection and switching off provision in case of over load, over travel and specimen break. Analogue and computerized control panel Capacity: 200KN Max. Range: 10-200KN ±0.1 KN Min. Range: 0-20KN ±0.01KN Maximum tensile clearance at full : (50-700 mm) decedent piston position Distance between columns: 500 mm. Piston stroke: approx 200 mm. Max Clearance for compression rest : 0-700(mm) Max. Straining speed at No. Load : 150(mm / min) Standard Accessories: Pair of compression plates dia 120 mm For Tension Test Jaws: Round specimen dia 10-20 mm Round specimen dia 20-30 mm Flat specimen thickness 0-10 mm Flat specimen thickness 10-20 mm Max. width for flat specimen 50 mm For Transverse Test: Adjustable Roller Support of width approx. 150 mm Adjustable Roller Support of dia. approx. 30 mm With max adjustable clearance approx. 500 mm RS232 Serial Port/Data Cable Optional Accessories: Extensometer Load rate Control Load rate stabilizers Flat Belt test Bolt nut and Washer test Single and double shear test Tensile test for shouldered and threaded Bend Re-bend test

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Hydraulic Computerized Version Model HV-EXP4818
Universal Testing Machine  Application System Peak load along with on line load. Maximum elongation with online elongation. Ultimate Tensile Strength Graphical Display of load vs. time. Graphical Display of elongation vs. time. Graphical Display of load vs. elongation. Graphical Display of stress vs. strain. Complete Statistical Analysis. Date Report Management. Safety Features: Machine stops after specimen failure. Safety against Over travel of piston. Safeguard against high temeprature. Surge Protector. Auto Machine Diagnosis. Safety against overload. PC Configuration: Processor: Pentium IV / AMD 64 BIT. Processing Speed: 2.0 GHZ or higher. H.D. Drive: 80 GB. RAM: 256 MB. CD ROM: 52 X. F.D.D.: 1.44 MB. Colour Monitor: 17" SVGA. Key Board: 104 Key. Printer: Inkjet. Printer: Laser (Optional at extra cost). Mouse Optical. UPS of at least 600 VA capacity Software: Preloaded with window 2000 based software. The Software provided on CD ROM. Automatic saving and providing database for carrying out statistical calculation of multiple test results. Software application shall be capable of providing function like Auto Return to Zero.

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Computer Controlled Electronic Universal Testing Machine Model HV-EXP4816
Mainframe: The machine adopt double space door type structure. High accuracy, wide range and stable AC servo motor drive the ball screw pair rotating through syn-deceleration system. The ball screw pair drives the middle crosshead and makes the tension/compression/ bending attachment moves up and down to realize the load and offload to the specimen. This structure has enough stiffness to apply high efficiency and stable moving. Key parts are processed on our own processing center to ensure the accuracy of the load frame. Ball screw is E5 class Features: Complete computer controlled: The whole measuring and controlling system adopts specific PC control card used for testing machines, realizing the data zero and plus adjustment, which has very high reliability. Supporting multi-transducers Realizing the database management of the test data which are stored according to the standard format; facilitating other software to analyze and transfer. Perfect programming by auto program control, every control mode can smoothly shift to another one. Fulfilling the test requirement of all kinds of materials with every test standard home and abroad. Control software has the auto-adjusting function of test hardness, which assures that the system works with every kind of specimen hardness. Perfect graphic function realizing the arbitrarily magnifying, decreasing, equaling, adding, indicative display and print of all kinds of test curves, the test point searching as well as the simultaneous display and print of several kinds of test curves. Data processing supposes self-disposing and input disposing of graphic human computer interaction, which facilitates the check and contrast of the test result. The user can self -define the output of the test report, which makes the report format have very high flexibility. Modularization design facilitates the software upgrading, function spreading as well as the second development. All the crucial parts were processed by our own processing center to guarantee the high accuracy of machine. Software features: MS windows based interface, easy and fast to reach different functions, suitable for most of operators using habits. Integrated all common operation functions, like specimen information input, specimen choosing, Curve protracting, data display, date process, data analysis, test operation etc., easy and convenient to operate.

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