Embedded Testing Lab Trainers

HOVERLABS offers Embedded Testing Lab Trainers ranging from micro controllers to GSM development systems. We provide testing lab training solutions for both industries as well as educational institutions. Complete range of testing lab equipments available at competitive market price. Our embedded testing trainers are designed to understand the principles of circuits, microcontrollers, chipset and other testing equipments. All the components are manufactured from quality raw materials and embedded securely in each testing trainer. These trainers allow active training of different modules.
Embedded Systems - Controllers
Embedded Systems - Controllers Model ETLT001
HoverLabs offers embedded systems ranging from conventional microcontrollers to PIC & ARM based solutions for both industry as well as educational purposes. RTOS and real time applications for industrial demands can be fullfiled.8051 Development Tools,PIC Development Tools

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PIC Micro-controller Development Lab
PIC Micro-controller Development Lab Model ETLT002
Basic PIC Lab helps to make own devices with microBasic PRO for PIC compiler and EasyPIC6 development system. Easy Start 1 Kit-PIC is available. The whole list of package comprises of EasyPIC6 Development System,mikroBasic PRO for PIC,SmartPROTO Board,EasyConnect Board,Character LCD 2x16 with blue backlight,DS1820 Temperature Sensor,Graphic LCD 128x64 with TouchPanel,Serial Cable,USB cable,Printed manuals,CD with software, drivers, board schematic and examples.

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8051 Micro-controller Development Lab Model ETLT003
Development time for your prototype devices can be reduced with microBasic PRO for 8051 compiler and Easy8051 v6 development system included in Easy Start 1 Kit-8051.MikroBasic PRO for 8051,SmartPROTO Board,EasyConnect Board,Character LCD 2x16 with blue backlight DS1820 Temperature Sensor,Graphic LCD 128x64,Serial Cable,USB cable,Printed manuals,CD with software, drivers, board schematic and examples would be provided.

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Advanced Embedded with 3Kit - 8051 Model ETLT004
For speeding up the prototype development,one can use mikroC for 8051 compiler and Easy8051 v6 development system. It includes Easy8051 v6 Development System,Character LCD 2x16 with blue backlight,mikroC PRO for 8051,Graphic LCD 128x64,SmartPROTO Board,EasyConnect Board,DS1820 Temperature Sensor,Serial Cable,USB cable,Printed manuals,CD with software, drivers, board schematic and examples.

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GSM Development Systems
GSM Development Systems Model ETLT005
GSM-GPRS device design time can be reduced with the mikroC PRO for 8051 compiler, Easy8051 v6and SmartGM862. It includes an Easy8051 v6 Development System,mikroC PRO for 8051,SmartGM862 Board,Telit GM862-QUAD GSM module,MMCX-SMA Cable,GSM antenna SMA right angle BGSM,GSM Antenna SMA straight male

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PIC Micro-controller Programmer & In-Circuit Debugger
PIC Micro-controller Programmer & In-Circuit Debugger Model ETLT006
MikroProg is a fast USB 2.0 programmer with mikroICD hardware In-Circuit Debugger.MikroProg supports PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, PIC18, dsPIC30/33, PIC24 and PIC32 devices in a single programmer! It supports 570 microcontrollers from Microchip. It is known for outstanding performance, easy operation and elegant design.

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Microelectronic Systems Model ETLT007
We deal in VLSI and microelectronic systems such as FPGA boards and CPLD boards, with necessary accessories associated for both industrial and educational purposes. All necessary softwares such as XILINX etc, can be provided with SPARTAN and VIRTEX boards. VHDL solutions provided by us helps in developing FPGA applications precisely.

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CMOS Design Layout and Simulation Software Model ETLT008
MICROWIND,a truly integrated EDA software for IC designs , enables chip designers to design in an efficient manner. MICROWIND integrates generally separated front-end and back-end chip design into an integrated flow, speeding up the design cycle thereby reducing design complexities.It efficiently integrates mixed-signal implementation with digital implementation, circuit simulation, transistor-level extraction and verification to help in developing the skills required for design positions in virtually every domain of IC industry.

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Universal Programmer Model ETLT0010
Universal Programmer with features like USB or parallel port interface with auto-switch power is available.Adapter is not required with 48 pin functionality.It supports 5V and 3.3V low voltage devices, 1.8V chip support through low voltage adapter. Programming speed of less then 2 seconds per Mbit for high density flash chip.48-pin universal pin driver and current limit

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