Cement and Concrete Testing Equipment

Cement and concrete testing equipments are used for testing permeability, content, gravity, composition and other physical & chemical properties of variety of soils. These cement testing equipment and concrete testing equipments are developed according to industry set standards. The equipments ensure defined measurements and accurate results making them ideal for use scientific studies and high end researches. Our range of testing equipments promises reliability and durability packed into one. Explore our whole range to find the best one for your needs.
Cement Sampler Tube
Cement Sampler Tube Model CCTE001
HoverLabs is well known among Cement and Concrete Testing Lab equipment exporters and suppliers.

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Compaction Factor Apparatus
Compaction Factor Apparatus Model CCTE002
We are the Cement and Concrete Testing Lab exporters and suppliers. Compaction Factor Apparatus for Testing Lab is especially helpful for cement blends of low workability where genuine droop qualities are not dependable.

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Concrete Test Hammer (small and Big both available)
Concrete Test Hammer (small and Big both available) Model CCTE003
Hoverlabs provides a standardised concrete test hammer. The standards on which it works depend on the bounce back effect of a mallet on a cylinder which leans against the surface of the solid items. The Greater the resistance of the solid, more prominent is the bounced back effect. By perusing this bounce back effect on a scale and relating it to bends on charts supplied with the instrument, the imperviousness to pressure in MPa or PSI can be found, with 20% of real.

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Flexure Testing Machine (Electrically Operated)
Flexure Testing Machine (Electrically Operated) Model CCTE004
An electrically operated flexure testing machine is available with specifications as mentioned below.Hoverlabs supplies high quality machines at reasonable rates.

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VEE BEE Consistometer
VEE BEE Consistometer Model CCTE005
The instrument is utilized for workability and consistency of new concrete. A droop Cone and a graduated pole supplied with the instrument helps the administrator to discover droop qualities and vibration table with holder and acrylic circle is utilized to discover workability of cement communicated in Vee Bee degrees, which is characterized as the time in seconds to finish required vibrating at which the crisp solid streams out adequately to come in contract of the whole face of acrylic plate.

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Slump Test Apparatus
Slump Test Apparatus Model CCTE006
Slump test apparatus provided by us is highly precise which can be used in concrete testing labs. It is utilized for the determination of the consistency of crisply blended solid, where the most extreme size of the total does not surpass 38mm.

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KELLEY Ball Penetration Apparatus
KELLEY Ball Penetration Apparatus Model CCTE007
The mechanical assembly is utilized to decide the workability of Portland bond and cement.Hoverlabs provides this apparatus for educational institues and industrial usage.

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Pocket Concrete Penetrometer
Pocket Concrete Penetrometer Model CCTE008
Pocket Concrete Penetrometer for Concrete Testing provided by Hover Labs can be used for quick assessment of the introductory setting of cement. It can be utilized on light weight solid, exceptional rooftop deck blends and solid added substances. Mortar type Penetrometer is also available.

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Concrete Mixer (Motorised)
Concrete Mixer (Motorised) Model CCTE009
Research facility Concrete Mixer (Motorized) for Concrete Testing - A Concrete and mortar blender for light proficient and DIY use. Intended to give dependable administration with low upkeep prerequisites.

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Tamping Rod & Bar
Tamping Rod & Bar Model CCTE0010
Hover Labs provide Tamping Rod and Bar on demand. These are highly demanded for educational and Industrial Purposes.

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Straight Edge
Straight Edge Model CCTE0011
Straight Edge for Concrete Testing is available with HoverLabs.It is used to evacuate abundance material when trim solid shape and barrel speciments.

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Cube Mould
Cube Mould Model CCTE0012
Solid shape Mold for Concrete Testing - These are accessible in various sizes and are made by and British norms. For the metric size solid shape form, the appearances are machined level to +/ - 0.2mm exactness and completed to inside 0.2mm. For the inch size forms, the appearances are machined level to +/ - 0.01 crawled to inside 0.01in.

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Blaine's Air Permeability Apparatus
Blaine's Air Permeability Apparatus Model CCTE0013
We provide highly accurate Blaine\'s Air Permeability Apparatus for Cement Testing. The contraption is utilized for deciding the fineness of concrete regarding particular surface communicated as aggregate surface territory in square centimeters per gram of bond. This is a variable stream sort are penetrability.

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VICAT(R) Needle Apparatus
VICAT(R) Needle Apparatus Model CCTE0014
VICAT(R) Needle Apparatus for Cement Testing can be provided on demand. This instrument is utilized for deciding the typical consistency and setting times of concrete and 'A' class limes.

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VICAT(R) Needle Apparatus with Dashpot
VICAT(R) Needle Apparatus with Dashpot Model CCTE0015
This is verging on same as Vicat Needle Apparatus yet moreover is fitted with a dashpot which provides the facility of bringing down the needles.

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