Lab Incubators & Ovens

Find a comprehensive range of Laboratory Incubators & Ovens at HOVERLABS befitting you with highly effective, steadfast, cost effective units to suit most biological analysis, research and other laboratory applications. Our Ovens and Incubators are designed to offer premium accuracy in temperature and outstanding recovery time for a whole range of demanding laboratory applications & experiments. Mechanical convection units provide even heating, specific temperature control, and quick processing with the help of a blower that regulates the hot air in a horizontal pattern. Gravity convection units with vertical airflow pattern are ideal for drying samples that more steady environment. We have all kinds of incubators & ovens suiting different lab applications.
BOD Incubator
BOD Incubator Model LIO226
They are most versatile for Biochemical Oxygen Demand determinations. Castor wheel mounted cabinet is double walled with inner chamber of aluminum or S.S. and outer wall made up of M.S. Sheet duly powder coated. The unit is provided with optimum thermal glass wool insulation. Triple walled back of unit is fitted with two air circulation fans for maintaining temperature uniformly throughout the chamber. Full view inner Perspex door permits inspection of specimens, without disturbing the chamber temperature. Lock and Key arrangement is provided in the double walled outer door. Unit is also fitted with door operated illumination lamp inside the chamber. Refrigeration unit is formed by ISI marked compressor/cooling kit. The front panel contains separate indicator lamps for main, O O heating and incoming voltage and supplied, which is completed with 3 shelves, temperature from 2 C to 60 C is controlled digitally, with an accuracy of 0.5 C. Available standard capacity 6,10,12,15 Cu Ft respectively.

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Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator Model LIO227
The temperature is maintained upto 4 deg. to 6 deg. for storing blood bottles or blood bags. Temperature is controlled through solid state digital indicator-cum-controller and triggers the audio visual alarm in the event of fluctuation exceeding permitted tolerance. These are the primary requirements of every blood bank and hospital for preserving and securing the vital supply of blood, plasma, vaccines and other blood derivatives. Standard capacity: 50/110/200/250/360/400 bags and custom capacity models can also be supplied on the customer's request.They are mounted on a sturdy angle frame with inner chamber made up of S.S. and outer of M.S. duly enamel painted. Unit is also fitted with door operated alarm and power supply failure alarm, as a safety device. Drawers are provided for holding bags.

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Deep Freezer Low Temperature Cabinet
Deep Freezer Low Temperature Cabinet Model LIO228
Unit is fitted with solid state digital temperature indicator-cumcontroller. Vertical models are also supplied with three stainless steel storing shelves. Iron frame along with castor wheels. General Purpose Laboratory freezers are double walled with inner chamber made of S.S. and outer of thick PCRC sheet duly enamel painted. Temperature range from ambient to -20 C is achieved by hermetically sealed compressor. The gap between the inner and outer wall is filled with high grade mineral glass wool to avoid thermal loss. Body is mounted on a sturdy angle Standard capacity: 4 / 6 /1 0 / 12 / 15 cu ft.

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Refrigerated Water Bath
Refrigerated Water Bath Model LIO229
These Refrigerated Water Baths are fitted with ISI marked CFC free compressor for effective cooling. Heating is brought about by immersion type heating elements.

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Oven Universal (Memmert Type)
Oven Universal (Memmert Type) Model LIO230
Memmert Type Universal Oven for Laboratory Use For every laboratory and research labs, they are general purpose heating equipments, a must.

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Vacuum Oven (Round/ Rectangular)
Vacuum Oven (Round/ Rectangular) Model LIO231
Vacuum Ovens from HOVERLABS, India They are ideal heat treatment equipment where a mass has to be heated at a temperature under vacuum. They are double walled cylindrical/rectangular units with outer made of M.S.

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Muffle Furnace
Muffle Furnace Model LIO232
Muffle Furnace from HOVERLABS, India Temperature control unit consists of energy regulator or electronic temperature controller, fitted in front of furnace with two pilot lamps. Maximum temperature is 950 C/1100 C /1400 C/1600 C. Available in various standard and customized sizes and capacities. These are ideal equipments for various laboratory and industrial applications involving high heat treatment of standard mass, light weight with ceramic fiber wool insulation (instead of brick insulation).Heating elements are made of Kanthal A- 1/Silicon carbide/ Ammonium Molybdenum wire and backed by high temperature mineral insulation, which avoids loss of energy. The outer casing is made of double walled thick P.C.R.C. sheet, reattached with thick perforated sheet on the bottom portion, painted with attractive stove enamel.

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Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet
Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinet Model LIO233
Laminar Air-Flow Chambers/Cabinets from HOVERLABS,Ambala Our horizontal Laminar air flows are designed, to meet the requirements of US Federal Standard 209 B (BS 5295) roviding particle free air to meet Class 100 (Class conditions). The cabinets are fabricated out of thick board duly sunmica clad/ stainless steel/ Mild steel sheet. Interior surfaces are epoxy painted for its longer life. The worktable is made of stainless steel sheet and side panels are made out of thick transparent Plexiglas duly framed. The unit is fitted with pre-filter and is made to pass through highly effective HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters having efficiency rating as high as 99.99% with cold DOP and 99.97% with hot DOP, thus retaining all air-borne particles of size 0.3 micron and larger.The working area is illuminated by fluorescent lights fitted to the unit. Height of the working table provides comfortable "SIT DOWN" working position for the operator. Supplied complete with manometer, UV light fluorescent light. Using a dynamic machine, the blower and motor assembly is statically and dynamically balanced ISI marked motor of 1/5 H.P. capacity operates with minimum noise level. Standard sizes: 2'/ 3'/4'/6'/8'x2'x2'.

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Circulatory Water Bath
Circulatory Water Bath Model LIO234
Three models according to bath volume (5L, 10L, 20L) and temperature range

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Metabolic Shaker Water Bath
Metabolic Shaker Water Bath Model LIO235
The bath has an oscillating tray riding on ball rollers oscillated through a geared variable speed motor.

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Clean Room Oven
Clean Room Oven Model LIO236
These equipment are designed specifically for clean room operation and are available in many different sizes and configurations to meet specific temperature and cycle requirements. Moreover they have wide range of applications in genetic engineering, biotechnology, micro-structure etc.

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Soft Wall Clean Room
Soft Wall Clean Room Model LIO237
These equipment are used for reducing or eliminating sub-micron airborne contamination and can be used to meet specific clean room requirements. These clean rooms with soft walls are used for several purposes such as pharmaceutical sampling, medical device assembly, plastic injection molding etc.They are portable, lightweight and are engineered to deliver lasting performance.

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Hard Wall Clean Room
Hard Wall Clean Room Model LIO238
They have modular hard wall panels that are lightweight and easy to clean and are fabricated with 304 stainless steel and aluminum extrusions integrated for superior strength.These equipments are designed to provide a clean, environmentally controlled environment. Moreover they are extremely durable, reliable and convenient to use.

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Micro Clean Room
Micro Clean Room Model LIO239
They are portable, lightweight and are engineered to deliver lasting performance. These equipments are specially designed for wide range of clean room micro cleaning services.Moreover they minimize particulate matter entering or exiting the clean space and are fabricated with 304 stainless steel and aluminum extrusions integrated for superior strength.

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Hot Air Oven (Universal)
Hot Air Oven (Universal) Model LIO240
A double walled unit with outer body made of Mild Steel Sheet treated for degreasing & rust proofing duly powder coated and inner chamber made of Stainless Steel Sheet (304 Grade) and adjustable Stainless Steel Wire Mesh shelves.

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