Pharmaceutical Lab Equipments

Over Head Projector
Over Head Projector Model HV-EXP4035
With writing surface 250x250mm with imported 24V/250 watt bulb work through transformer 30ft. Cello phone . Roll with set square set with 6 Permanent MarkerB) -do- with twin bulb.C) -do- portable model, folding type, with carrying case..

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Photofluorometer Model HV-EXP4036
Designed for use in routine or research work in;various application-medicine, Agriculture, Industry and others. An accurate and sensitive instrument, it can be operated without special skill of training. Fluorescence is basically the instantaneous emmission ;of light from a;molecule ( or atom) which has absorbed light. When a solution containing has molecules of interest is irradiated with light of a selected wavelength.;The radiation is given off at all angles but is usually collected at right angles to the primary light beam to reduce the efforts of scatter from the sample.;This energy is passed through a narrow bandpass filter and allowed to fall on a sensitive photodetector. The electrical output of the photodetector is amplified and fed into a moving coil meter. Calibration is performed on a;comparative basis against standards of known concentration,;(Details specification on request).

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Photomicrographic Equipment Trinocular Microscope Model HV-EXP4037
Photomicrographic Equipment (trinocular Microscope with Micro Photography System) It consists of Trinocular Research microscope Incorporating latest coaxial coarse ,; fine focusing;system supported on ball bearing guides with highly sensitive slow motion reading to 0.002mm. The sturdy microscope stand with ball bearing guardruple nose piece has both sides graduated mechanical stage with low position coaxial control for convenient side manipulation. The microscope has built in halogen illumination (6V-20W) ,; a high grade condenser system to provide brilliant illumination with solid state light control. Supplied with high transmission trinocular head with multilayer coated prisms to provide;optimum contrast ,; and excellent image quality suitable for microphotography.; Supplied with all Imported Din standard optics assembled by Eyepiece : H5x or H15x (1 pair) ,; W.F. 10x (Wide field) (1 pair). Objectives : 5x, 10x, 45x, 100x Objectives. Supplied with quadruple nose piece and following all Imported Japanese Optics. Eyepiece : 10X W.F. (Wide field) 1 pair.Objective : 5x, 10x, 45x, 100x, oil Immersion ( spring loaded) ; Note : The above microscope supplied with following cord camera as per requirement. Comprising of imported 35mm SLR camera body with standard microscope adopeter for photomicrography, supplied complete with cable release and SP-5x-Eye-Piece. ; i) Comprising of an imported 35mm SLR camera body with latest shutter speed with control - 1 No ii) Bayonet mount for fixing camera to side viewfinder -1 No. iii) Special view finder for 100% light transmission with focusable eyepiece to give exact picture size focusing - 1 No iv) Photo eyepiece SP-5x :- 1 No v) Cable Release : 1 No Complete as above in plywood storing cabinet. (Extra charges when supplied with standard camera lens for routine photography.).

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Physical Balance
Physical Balance Model HV-EXP4038
ATICO make 7 stone, weighing capacity 250gm accuracy 0.1 mg. Varanasi make available on request..

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Pill Cutter
Pill Cutter Model HV-EXP4039
Set of 23 (6mm x 75mm) with teak wood board size 9”x7”.

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Planetary Mixer
Planetary Mixer Model HV-EXP4040
The mixer is made with all the contact parts, namely; the vessel, shaft, blades etc. In 18 gauge quality SS 304 non-magnetic highly polished S.Steel. The mixer has three speeds through a sturdy gear-box. The entire body and frame is made of well seasoned cast iron. The unit is provided with a mechanical vice to lower up and down the bowl type stainle steel vessel, mounted on a trolley. The mixer will be complete in all respects in ready to start condition-operated by 0.25 HP motor-capacity 10Litres..

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Platform Balance
Platform Balance Model HV-EXP4041
Use for weighing the small animals like gunia pigs, Rats, Capacity 100 kg -Do- heavy type weighing capacity upto 200kgs..

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Polarimeter (Research Model) Model HV-EXP4042
High quality optics and rotating half shadow system located at the front ensure best resolution and accurate results. Angular scale from ;0 to 360° enable direct reading to .05 and byestimation to .02° Sugar scale from 30 to 120 I.S.S. Provides direct reading to 0.1 and by estimation to 0.05. Supplied with Polarimeter tube 200mm. Accepts Sodium Vapour lamp Assembly ( Optional);The use of sodium Lamp with power supply is recommended with this instrument and can be supplied along with. However white light can be used upto 12° B) --sodium Lamp: Complete with stand ,; transformer ..

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Polarimeter (Student)
Polarimeter (Student) Model HV-EXP4043
College type laurent half shade workable on;an sodium light, supplied with one 200mm long tube with adjustable stand, but without sodium light. B) -do- fitted with quartz prism.

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Pole Climbing Apparatus
Pole Climbing Apparatus Model HV-EXP4044
New improved model built in solid state buzzer and stimulator to provide electrical shocks of 400V in pulsating rates 0.2mA a frequency of 5 per sec. For a duration controlled manually or by built in 30 second timer. Output available for recording on kymograph or;polygraph complete to work on 220V A.C..

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Polishing Pan
Polishing Pan Model HV-EXP4045
detachable polishing pan for use with Tablet Coating Pan Cat. No 5547 is made of mild steel painted and provided with inner lining of superior canvas cloth, inner dia 12”x8” high with opening of 7” dia neck used;for polishing tablets..

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Rabbit Cage Model HV-EXP4046
With heavy gauge mesh (4 mesh 20 s.w.g.) Mounted in a sturdy frame of m.s angle, size 18x14x14 with door in front. Wire walk floor of 5/8 mesh, beneath a I deep tray (drawer) of G.I sheet is provided.Whichis slides in a angle attached to the slides of the cage and removable for cleaning. Finished with blue hammer tone/ powder coated paint.

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Rabbit Holder Model HV-EXP4047
Box from fine plywood acrylic sheet front, top lidopening air window. Push system and neck holding clamp provided.

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Respiratory Pump Model HV-EXP4048
(Respiration Pump) :- Miniature Respiration pump50cc.calibrated stroke arm and with geared motor, mounted on metal base with castors.

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Retort Rings Model HV-EXP4049
Fabricated from MS wire, powder coated, Available in different sizes :a) 1 b) 2 c) 3d) 4 e) 5 f) 6.

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