Lab Accessories

Our Lab Accessories are highest in standard and fully capable to meet the needs of all kinds of labs. We carry a wide range of products for various lab applications and processes. Special care is given to each product while being manufactured under strict quality control facility.
Gloves Dispenser
Gloves Dispenser Model HV-LA0001
Wall Hanging design , Made from high quality clear Acrylic

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Beta Radiation Shield
Beta Radiation Shield Model HV-LA0002
Beta shield is made of thick acrylic having thickness 10mm.

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Safety Goggles
Safety Goggles Model HV-LA0003
Lightweight , Ultra Clear Lens , Polycarbonate lens

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Biohazard Waste Container
Biohazard Waste Container Model HV-LA0004
Biohazard waste containers are used for safe and efficient disposal of biohazard material or infectious waste.

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Sample Bags
Sample Bags Model HV-LA0005
Sample Zip lock bags are made from low density polyethylene material. These high strength bags can be used for Storage and transportation of samples.

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Autoclavable Disposal Bags
Autoclavable Disposal Bags Model HV-LA0006
These bags are mainly used for Disposal of Biohazard waste and can be used for autoclaving objects in a safe and efficient way.

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Parafilm Dispenser
Parafilm Dispenser Model HV-LA0007
Acrylic Parafilm Dispenser

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