Hardness Testing Machines

We include wide range of Hardness Testing Machines in our extensive range of educational and scientific laboratory equipment. Each component in the machines is fitted with complete precision to ensure good performance and longevity to the testing machines. All models of different testing machines are offered to the clients across the globe
Bursting Strength Tester (Analog Type) Model HV-EXP1687
Bursting Strength Tester (Analog Type) - Bursting Strength of any material such as fabric, leather, paper etc. is its strength under multi-directional force and is defined as the hydrostatic pressure required to produce rapture of the material when pressure is applied at a controlled increasing rate through a rubber diaphragm & The& Bursting Strength Tester is designed to find bursting strength of fabric / leather / paper / paperboard. A test specimen is held between two annular clamps under sufficient pressure to minimize slippage. The upper clamping surface has a continuous spiral groove and the lower clamping surface has a number of concentric grooves. A circular diaphragm of pure gum rubber is clamped between the lower clamping plate and a pressure cylinder so that before the diaphragm is stretched by pressure underneath it the centre of its upper surface is below the plane of the clamping surface. &civil lab equipments manufacturers.

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Wear Tester for Shoe Laces (Satra Type) Model HV-EXP4649
Wear Tester for Shoe Laces (Satra Type) - Wear Tester For Shoe Lace The resistance of Shoe Laces to wear and tear due to abrasion while tying is determined by abrading two samples of the lace against each other under a specified tension and finding the number of rubs which cause one of the laces to wear off till it breaks into two. One of the laces used in the test is formed into a loop and suspended from a pin in a vertical plane. One end of the second laces is held in a rotating grip. The lace is passed through the loop of the first lace and a specified dead weight suspended from its free and to keep both the loops under tension. The movement of the grip causes rubbing action between the two laces, which continues till one of them fails. The number of rubs needed to cause failure gives a measure of the resistance of the lace to wear. Wearing of lace against eye let can also be evaluated Civil lab equipments manufacturers.

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Tablet Hardness Tester , Monsanto Type Model HV-HT0001
A fairly handy instrument for taking quick readings for taking quick readings for the hardness of tablets.

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