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Model TDL001
The main function of Single Stage Air Compressor Test Rig is to measure the input of an air compression. This instrument is equipped with an air tank with orifice, pressure gauges and an energy meter. It also comes fitted with digital temperature indicator to analyse the temperatures at various levels .

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Two Stage Air Compressor Test Rig Model TDL002
We are manufacturers and suppliers of two stage air compressor test rigs. Like Single Stage air compressor test rigs, these also come fitted with air tank with an orifice, pressure gauges and an energy meter to fulfil the measurement of input of air compression.

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Rotary Air Compressor Test Rig
Rotary Air Compressor Test Rig Model TDL003
We offer quality approved range of Rotary Air Compressor Test Rig. It is run by an electric motor in which air intake is determined with the help of an orifice meter and manometer. Pressure gauge is also fitted in it to measure the discharge pressure.

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Centrifugal Blower Test Rig
Centrifugal Blower Test Rig Model TDL004
We carry a comprehensive range of centrifugal blower test rig with swappable impellers of backward, radial and forward curved vanes. This equipment is used to study the effect of various types of blading in the experiment conducted.

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Water Cooling Tower Apparatus Model TDL005
Water Cooling Tower Apparatus demonstrates transferring of heat ad mass during the process of forced draft counter flow type water cooling. The cooling tower is made of aluminium mesh packing with acrylic window to understand the concept of tower cooling of water.

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Separating & Throttling Calorimeter With Boiler
Separating & Throttling Calorimeter With Boiler Model TDL006
We are engaged in offering qualitative range of Separating & Throttling Calorimeter with Boiler to study the Dryness fraction of Steam. The apparatus comes with an electric boiler, separating calorimeter, throttling calorimeter and a steam condensing system. The temperature of the steam can be controlled in the boiler with pre-installed temperature controller.

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Steam Power Plant Trainer
Steam Power Plant Trainer Model TDL007
The Steam power plant trainer is used to demonstrate the working of a thermal power plant. In this trainer, the heat energy changes water into steam.

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Hydraulic Trainer
Hydraulic Trainer Model TDL008
We deal in Hydraulic Trainer Classic type widely used thermodynamic experiments. These are moveable and self-contained unit, only electrical fittings are required. The design of the unit allows ease of operation and is intended for amateur usage.

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Pneumatic Trainer
Pneumatic Trainer Model TDL009
Driven by skilled professionals, all our pneumatic trainers are made at ultra-modern manufacturing unit, by making use of cutting-edge technology and factory-tested material in compliance industrial set norms. All the products are quality tested to ensure proper conduction of related experiments with accurate results.

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Digital Bomb Calorimeter
Digital Bomb Calorimeter Model TDL0010
Bomb Calorimeter offers a simple and precise way to study the heat of combustion of organic matter and the calorific value and sulphur content in solid and liquid fuel. The apparatus is complete in its self and is build according to the international standards applied in industrial units.

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Open Wind Tunnel Apparatus
Open Wind Tunnel Apparatus Model TDL0011
Being dedicated quality suppliers and exporters, we are aimed to deliver best quality open wind tunnel apparatus. Wide-ranging accessories allow an assortment of experiments, for example lift measurements, pressure distributions, boundary layer analysis or visualisation of streamlines. The properly designed instructional material provides a step-by-step guide through the experiments.

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Thin Cylinder Apparatus Model TDL0012
With sincere intentions to uplift the bar of quality, we carry a comprehensive array of thermodynamics apparatuses including thin cylinder apparatus. Thin Cylinder apparatus is a heavy bench top unit for studying the stress and strain in a thin walled cylinder under internal pressure.

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Fluidisation and Heat Transfer- Engineering Lab Training Systems Model HV-EXP1443
Technical Description A fluidised bed is formed when a mass of particles is suspended by passing gas through them. The thermodynamic and fluid mechanical properties of the solid take on the character of a fluid. The heat transfer from a heated cylinder to the fluidised bed can be investigated using the benchtop unit. The glass measuring cylinder with background lighting enables the fluid bed and the fluidisation process to be very clearly observed. A heating element that can be lowered into the reactor enables the transfer of heat in the fluidised bed to be investigated. Temperatures are measured with sensors at the air inlet of the reactor, at the surface of the heating element and in the fluidised bed. A safety valve limits the reactor pressure. A supply of compressed air is required..

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Heat Exchanger Element Direct Expansion Coil- Engineering Lab Training Systems Model HV-EXP1444
Technical Description The heat transfer element enables investigations to be performed on a refrigerant evaporator in the unit. For this purpose the component is inserted in the air duct in the base unit using quick action fasteners. The refrigerant connections on the evaporator are self-sealing so that no refrigerant can escape. The Refrigerant Condensing Unit is necessary for the operation of the evaporator. Refrigerant condenser and evaporator together form a complete refrigerant circuit. The temperatures at the evaporator inlet and outlet are measured using dial thermometers..

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Methods of Pressure Measurement- Engineering Lab Training Systems Model HV-EXP1301
Technical Description The manometer panel contains 2 tube and 2 dial manometers for the demonstration of alternative measurement methods. Test pressures in the millibar range are generated with the aid of the supplied syringe. All manometers can be combined with one another using connecting hoses. It is possible to measure gauge pressure and vacuum. Dial and Bourdon tube manometers can be calibrated with a dead-weight piston gauge..

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