Footwear Testing Equipment

Compact & easy to use Footwear Testing Equipments are available with us. Chemical, physical and complete footwear testing can be performed with our wide range of equipments. Study footwear quality and development process with adeptness at all levels, either industrial or educational. Get perfectionism and quality in all kinds of Footwear Testing Equipments.
Sole Adhesion
Sole Adhesion Model FTE001
Sole Adhesion Tester is used for the sole adhesion of the footwear. Digital model is also available. The system consists of a spring dynamometer to indicate the load applied at the junction of the sole and the upper, a lever arrangement to transmit the load exerted on the toe piece to the spring dynamometer, a straight edge fulcrum for resting the shoe on during the test, and a set of interchangeable toe pieces having different curvature. The spring dynamometer indicates the load applied on the joint directly in kilograms, taking into account the mechanical advantage of the lever transmitting the force from the toe piece to it.

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Toe Cap Impact Tester
Toe Cap Impact Tester Model FTE002
Toe Cap Impact Tester is made on a horizontal platform which has two guide bars which guide the impact weight. There is a mild steel plunger of specified dimensions which is used the intermediate parts between the impact weight and the toe cap. The plunger is freely supported to the toe cap. The base of the machine is placed on the hard wood of specified dimensions.

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Belt Flex Tester
Belt Flex Tester Model FTE003
Out soles of footwear or other flexing components may suffer cracking in use due to flexing. Cracks usually develop at points of high surface strain resulting from the design of the sole pattern, without there being any cuts to initiates them. The Belt Flex Tester is designed to flex complete soles with their patterns intact in a manner similar to those encountered in actual use. Tests carried out using it provide a guide to the risk of such cracks developing during use.

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Bennewart Flex Tester
Bennewart Flex Tester Model FTE004
Bennewart flex testing is intended to determine the resistance of a component of material to cut growth during repeated flexing. It can also be used to assess the effect of surface patterns on crack initiation and growth.

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