Generation of Involute Gear Tooth Profile

Generation of Involute Gear Tooth Profile equipments and apparatuses are available with us. All the products in this range are of finest quality. The gear fittings and machines are precisely cut to allow them a smooth performance and functioning. We carry a broad range of Generation of Involute Gear Tooth Profile to select from.
Interference & Undercutting Model GTP001
The board illustrates the underlying principle of Interference and Undercutting. When the teeth move in anticlockwise direction, the teeth is undercut allowing friction less working of the gear profile.

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Epicyclic Gear Train Holding Torque Apparatus
Epicyclic Gear Train Holding Torque Apparatus Model GTP002
This motor operated apparatus has SUN gear mounted on input shaft. It mainly consists of two plane gears mesh fitted with annular gears. These planet gears are attached to a single arm which is fixed with the output shaft.

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Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester
Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester Model GTP003
Dead Weight Pressure gauge Tester is designed on the fundamentals of Pascal's law. The law states a situation where in the closed system of incompressible liquid substance, the pressure applied will put equal amount of force in all the directions.

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Tool Dynamometers
Tool Dynamometers Model GTP004
A dynamometer, or "dyno" for short is widely used in engineering labs to measure force, moment of force (torque), or power.

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Milling Tool
Milling Tool Model GTP005
We carry a competitive range of milling tools accustomed to study the cutting forcing generated during the milling process in three directions. . With this equipment students can assess cutting depth, speed and feed.

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Grinder Tool
Grinder Tool Model GTP006
This a simple set up is designed to assess the various forces involved during grinding operations, It is used for demonstrative purposes in science labs for the students studying tool designing and crafting. This unit works on octagonal ring method using strain gauge as a sensor.

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Lathe Tool
Lathe Tool Model GTP007
Lathe Tool Dynamometer is used to measure the cutting forces forming on the tip of the Lathe tool Machine. The sensor is crafted in a way that it can be firmly attached on the tool, and the cutting tool can be mounted straight on to the sensor.

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