Laboratory Apparatus

We are one of the most trusted exporters and manufacturers of Laboratory apparatus widely used in school, college and research labs. We offer all types of apparatuses for every genre of lab including physics, chemistry, biology, analytical, engineering, mechanics, electronics and many more. We are aimed at providing only high quality equipments at competitive prices. All products are nicely packed in sturdy packaging material for safe delivery.
Foot Pump
Foot Pump Model LA001
As the name suggests, foot is pump manually operated air pump used to fill the air in tyres and other similar air based tubes.

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AND Gate Trainer
AND Gate Trainer Model LA003
The AND gate trainer is digital logic gate that works on the principle of logical conjunction which runs on the truth table. It is used for demonstrative purposes in laboratories.

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Auxanometer Model LA004
Auxanometer is an instrument used to measure the growth in height of plants. An arc is carved out and needle is fixed in the centre point and it displays the change in the height of the plant due to certain atmospheric conditions. It is superior in quality and easy to read.

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Atomic Model Set Senior
Atomic Model Set Senior Model LA005
Our Atomic Model, Senior , is a complete set- 60 balls which consists of moulded balls of different colours and sizes with connecting lugs in variant sizes.

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Digital Electronic Balance
Digital Electronic Balance Model LA006
Digital Electronic Balances (Branded Good Quality without Adapter) for lab & industrial use are available. These power operated balances come with general weighing capacity of 0.1 gm to 3000 gm, fitted with standardized weighing pan.

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Beranger Balance
Beranger Balance Model LA007
Beranger balance contains two platforms carrying weight plat and weighing pan respectively. It is easily portable, allows hassle free weights and demands no maintenance.

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Metal Sphere
Metal Sphere Model LA008
The metal sphere are used various physics experiments and applications. These are made of premium quality stainless steel and are available in different diameters or sizes.

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Balloons Model LA009
Balloons made from superior quality rubber are available for various science experiments. These balloons are strong enough to stand gaseous pressure to a certain level. These balloons come in different sizes and col

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Logic Gate Trainer
Logic Gate Trainer Model LA0010
Logic Gate Trainer is a demonstration instrument displays basic logic gates. Different types of gates showing electric current are designed in this instrument. It is widely used in electronics labs for teaching purposes.

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Battery AA Model LA0011
We also supply standard size single cell cylindrical dry battery (AA) to be used in different experiments and applications requiring power consumption.

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Battery 9 Volt
Battery 9 Volt Model LA0012
Battery 9 volt is also available with us. It is usually used experiments and applications requiring high voltage of energy. Best quality 9 Volt Duracell, Procell, Energizer, Alkaline & Lithium Batteries.

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Battery Bulb Model LA0013
Use Battery bulbs where you need instant light. Connect with a battery to light up your experiments. Basically used in models and projects.

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Battery Eliminator
Battery Eliminator Model LA0014
A battery eliminator runs through electrical source other than a battery, which in turn changes the source to a appropriate DC power which can be used to run devices operated through batteries.

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Beehive Shelf
Beehive Shelf Model LA0015
Stone Bee Hive Shelves (Porcelain) are made available for laboratory use. These are glazed with porcelain from inside & outside. Their application is in pneumatic troughs for gas collection. They come in capacity of 60, 75 & 100 ml.

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Demonstration Bell
Demonstration Bell Model LA0016
This apparatus is used to demonstrate the functioning of a bell. It mimics the action of real bell and is mounted on a wooden board for complete visual demonstration

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