Civil Engineering Lab

Compression Testing Machine (2000KN) Single Dial Electric operated
Compression Testing Machine (2000KN) Single Dial Electric operated Model CEL001
1. This is a hydraulic and electrically operated unit, intended for compression tests on concrete specimens including rocks and various other materials. 2. The machine consists of a steel cross head and cast iron base with two pillars connecting the base and cross head by means of nuts. The hydraulic jack is fixed to the base.

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Abrasion Testing Machine
Abrasion Testing Machine Model CEL002
We deal in comprehensive range of Abrasion testing machine manufactured from quality raw materials according to standard industrial norms.

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Flexure Testing Machine (1000KN) Electrical operated
Flexure Testing Machine (1000KN) Electrical operated Model CEL003
1. Flexure testing machine(1000KN) Electrical operated involves testing of the flexural modulus or flexural strength of a material test results are slightly different.

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Direct Shear Testing Machine
Direct Shear Testing Machine Model CEL004
Our years of experience have allowed us to provide quality Direct Shear Testing Machines designed to measure the shear strength of soil, rock and similar material samples.

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CBR Testing Machine
CBR Testing Machine Model CEL005
CBR (California Bearing Ratio) Testing machine helps in calculating the CBR with the help of load penetration test under controlled laboratory environment. The California bearing ratio test is performed assists in assessment of sub-grade power of concretes and roads.

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Marshal stability test apparatus
Marshal stability test apparatus Model CEL006
Marshal stability test apparatus can be availed at Hoverlabs. This is crafted to determine the Marshall stability of bituminous mixture.

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Core Cutting Machine
Core Cutting Machine Model CEL007
We carry a wide range of various engineering lab machines including core cutting machines. The core cutting machines are used to cut / drill cores of various diameters of concrete or bituminous pavement.

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Vicat Apparatus
Vicat Apparatus Model CEL008
Vicat apparatus is one of the apparatuses widely used in engineering labs. The instrument is intended to determine the normal consistency and time of setting of Portland cement.

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Ductility Apparatus
Ductility Apparatus Model CEL009
Ductility Apparatus is a testing instrument used to test and measure the ductility of the bituminous materials in a brick mould by measuring the breaking elongation at a continuous speed.

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Length Comparator Apparatus
Length Comparator Apparatus Model CEL0010
Length comparator Apparatus one of the most widely used civil engineering equipment and is quality test to perform the experiments in an accurate manner.

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Digital Bend Testing Machine Model CEL0011
1. Automatic Bend Testing machines are meant for defining the ductility or strength of material through bending material over definite radius where after bending, sample is examined for occurrence of cracks on outside surface.

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Digital Tensile Testing Machine
Digital Tensile Testing Machine Model CEL0012
. Digital Tensile Testing machine evaluates the tensile strength of various materials. The machine works on the principle of Constant rate of Transverse. It has upper and lower jaws.

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Los Angeles Abration Testing Machine
Los Angeles Abration Testing Machine Model CEL0013
Used for testing crushed rock, crushed slag, crushed and uncrushed gravel for resistance to abrasion.

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Tile Abrasion Testing Machine
Tile Abrasion Testing Machine Model CEL0014
Backed by sophisticated infrastructure, we hold ability to manufacture and export best quality tile abrasion testing machines.

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Vibrating Machine
Vibrating Machine Model CEL0015
It is based on the constant rate of traverse principle. The sample is held between two jaw , the upper one is a stationary jaw while the other end is made to move at a known fixed speed.

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