Our Cryoware is highest in standard and fully capable to meet the needs of all kinds of labs. We carry a wide range of products for various lab applications and processes. Special care is given to each product while being manufactured under strict quality control facility.
Cryovials Model HV-CW0008
Cryogenic vials

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Serum and Sample Tubes
Serum and Sample Tubes Model HV-CW0007
Serum and sample tubes prove to be excellent while handling & processing small volume of samples.

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Storage Vials
Storage Vials Model HV-CW0006
Storage vials are made of high quality virgin polypropylene and is capable to withstand freezing and autoclave.

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Cryo Box
Cryo Box Model HV-CW0005

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Cryo Box PC
Cryo Box PC Model HV-CW0004
Cryoboxes are made of Polycarbonate material with a tight fitting transparent lid for easy sample identification. These boxes are meant for use in Ultra Low Temperatures.

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Cryo Workstation
Cryo Workstation Model HV-CW0003
Cryo workstation is made of Polypropylene.

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Cardboard Cryo Box
Cardboard Cryo Box Model HV-CW0002
These boxes are made of special type of sturdy cardboard

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Stainless Steel Freezer Storage Racks
Stainless Steel Freezer Storage Racks Model HV-CW0001
Stainless steel freezer storage racks is vertical type, Upright frame type and upright drawer type.

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