Microtomes & Accessories

Our Microtomes are designed to offer accurate cutting of specimen parts of plants & animals. These sections of microscopic sections are required in deep analysis & microscopic study of particular specimens. Microtomes are manufactured with cutting edge raw materials to ensure precision & sharpness in their functioning. We provide universally approved, most modem and reliable sectioning equipment clear-cut sectioning of specimen up to thickness of 1 micron. Microtomes knives are made from imported tine grain tool steel tested for microstructures and are given heat treatment for superior sturdiness and sharpness. Microtome accessories are also available.
Automatic Knife Sharpener provides a precise, efficient and safe method for honing Microtome Knives upto 140mm in length. equipped with automatic timer 0-60 min. to adjust sharpening time. It ensure a knife edge so perfect that no subsequent strooping is necessary. The knife edge is recodtioned to optimum sharpness which is so major importance to every laboratory, where material are routinely sectioned for microscopic examinations

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The Hand Microtome is used to cut thin sections of Microscopic materials, such as specimen parts of plants and animals. It is considered as the basic form of a microtome permitting microtomic cuts by hand in a quick and accurate way. The microtome is suitable for practical courses in microscopy, for field work during excursions, for school education and for a serious amateur of biology. A well constructed hand operated bench microtome can be securely attached to the edge of any bench, table of work surface with the help of fixing clamp. The section platform has a smooth wide flat top and durable glass surface to guide the sectioning razor & to protect the hand. The feed screw has fine and long threads so that the embedded material may be advanced very gradually to cut thin sections easily. The Razor is made of surgical quality steel with 75mm cutting edge.

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lt is a universally approved, most modem and reliable sectioning equipment designed for very precise sectioning of tissues upto 1 micron thickness.

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Cambridge rocking microtome is very well known and one ofthe best established microtomes in the world, which has given outstanding service to numerous microtomists through the years.

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A very popular and standard but economically priced sectioning device providing all advantages of a precision Rotary Microtome. The interior mechanism is seated on a heavy cast metal base and completely covered vim a metal cover for protection from dust and grit. The Microtome is equipped with a ball and flange type object holder vice to get exact centering oi specimen , knife holderwith lateral movemept pemritting use of complete knife edge. All components are fabricated from Standard alloys/metals. The knife supplied with the Microtome is forged from imported tine grain tool steel, tested for microstructures and it is also heattreated foroptimum rigidity & sharpness

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Freezing Microtome (Erma Type)
Freezing Microtome (Erma Type) Model HV-EXP3815
Freezing Microtome (Erma Type); is a high precision scientific instrument that is used for cutting thin to semi-thin sections of fresh, frozen tissue and semi-thin sections. This instrument is also used forslicing semi-thin sections from industrial products such as some textiles, paper, leather, soft plastics, rubber, powders, pastes and food products by carbon dioxide freezing attachment. This Frozen Microtome is equipped with a stage upon which tissue can be quickly frozen using either liquid carbon dioxide, from a cylinder, or a low temperature re-circulating coolant. Features: Sturdy construction for long term use Require low maintenance Large Specimen stage of 32 mm Feed range of 5µ to 40µ in steps of 5µ CO2 attachment along with gas pipe Object holder for specimen and secure clamping mechanism along with attachment CE Marked Compact in design Table clamping device for secure clamping ,; vibration free cutting Freezing attachment for cooling Knife holder for secure clamping of knife Full Range of Options ,; Accessories Robust block holder design for better performance Excellent after sales service.

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Precision Microtome (AO Spencer Type)
Precision Microtome (AO Spencer Type) Model HV-EXP3816
Precision Microtome (AO Spencer Type) Most elegant and sturdy, latest in the range of microtomes. Complete with counter balancing wheel, automatic feed mechanism and feed feed release. Light aluminum cover hinged at back, protect the internal mechanism. Heavy casted case plate fitted with heavy rubber pads to provided better grip. Smooth operation for uniform serial sectioning adjustable from 1to 50 microns instep of 1 micron. feed mechanism is independent of other movements. Supplied complete with one knife, having back and handle in wooden box, 6 block holders, honing plate with abrasive powder, one bottle of lubricating oil and rexine cover..

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Wood Microtome
Wood Microtome Model HV-EXP3817
Wood Microtome Feed adjustment-30 microns. Vertical object displacement-30mm. Opening of object vice-80x50 mm. Length of slide ways - 42 cms. Overall dimensions (horizontal) 85x40 cms. Accessories Supplied with Equipment : Special heavy duty Razor with back-one, Object holders-Set of three, Vices-two, spanner for tightening razor-one, L-Keys-two, Screw driver-one, Oil can-one..

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Semi Automatic Cryostat Microtome
Semi Automatic Cryostat Microtome Model HV-EXP3818
Semi Automatic Cryostat Microtome:;The cryostat is ergonomically designed keeping in view user needs and safety. It incorporates an optimized cooling system with double compressor for rapid specimen freezing and smooth precise orientation that gives high quality sectioning in histology, with section thickness range of 1-60µm, trimming thickness range 30µm-95µm, with freeze chamber temperature range of -1oC to - 30oC, pro-environment refrigerant, a rapid refrigeration mode, LED Screen which can display data such as sample travel, section thickness and temperature. Easy to operate control panel with controls for temperature and time. Equipped with a closed drainage system that ensures collection of condensed fluids in a container. Salient Features : Specimen retraction function protects the specimen from blade injury Trimming/Sectioning button makes it easy to switch to the desired mode Rapid Refrigeration Mode allows desired temperature drop in 60mins Working area is easy to clean and disinfect Easy to read LED screen Ergonomical design Technical Specifications Sectioning Thickness Range 1µm- 30µm, in 1µm increments 30µm-60µm, in 5µm increments Trimming Thickness Range 30µm-95µm, in 5µm increments Freeze Shelf Lowest Temp - 40oC Cooling down time to -30oC 60 mins Lowest temp. of Peltier unit on freeze shelf -55oC freeze shelf Maximum Specimen Size 35 mm x 35 mm Specimen Vertical Stroke 70 mm Specimen Specimen Horizontal Stroke 20 mm.

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Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome
Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome Model HV-EXP3819
Semi Automatic Microtome It comes with an advanced imported drive system for smooth trimming and sectioning, LCD screen displays section and trimming thickness range, number of sections etc. It comes with a lockable handwheel in any position , huge volume waste tray for easy operation, interchangeable specimen clamp along with a safety alarm system. Its high precision calibrated controls make accurate positioning for re-cuts possible Technical Specifications Section Thickness Setting Range 0.25~60 µm Trimming Thickness Setting Range 0.25~60 µm Setting values 0.25~ 1-µm increment step 0.25 µm 1~10 µm increment step 1 µm 10~ 20-µm increment step 2 µm 20~ 60-µm increment step 5 µm Minimum setting value 0.25 µm.

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