Blood Bank Equipments

Our stock also includes a wide range of blood bank equipments including Tube Sealers, Blood Donor Chair, Blood Collection Monitors, blood collection mixer, Blood Weighing Scale, Blood Bag Tube Sealer and many more. We provide high quality equipments at competitive prices. Our superior range offers easy usage, as these are portable and come with rechargeable and replaceable battery pack.
Blood Bag Tube Sealer
Blood Bag Tube Sealer Model HV-EXP1666
Blood Bag Tube Sealer is a compact instrument to seal the Blood Bag pilot tub by radio frequency sealing system, no haemolysis at Blood in the tube because Radio Frequency sealing seals the tube without damaging the blood cells inside, and easy separation of tube once the sealing is done, sealing can be achieved in less than 1.5 sec. per tube by simple operation. Technical Specification Oscillation Frequency 40.68 Mhz Radio Frequency output 15W Sealing time Approx. 1.5 sec. Input Volt 230V AC Power Frequency 50 Hz Power Consumption 100 VA Weight 5.5 Kg approx Size 180 mm x 215 mm x 245 mm (HxDxW).

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Plasma Extractor
Plasma Extractor Model HV-EXP1667
Plasma Extractor is designed to Extract Blood component from centrifuged bags. The spring loaded front panel applies pressure on the collected bag causing the liquid to contain in transfer bag. Its sturdy construction makes it durable and reliable, easy to sue and portable. The unit is available in both versions automatic and manual. Technical Specification Sensor - Infra Red Clamping Control Manual Motor Activated Pressure Plate Acrylic Acrylic Alarm - Audio Visual.

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Plated Incubator Model HV-EXP1668
Plated Incubator provides an ideal strong environment for the Platelets. This unit designed to maintain a stable and inform temperature of 22.0°, the user friendly includes an acrylic inner door, and see through outer door, simple calibration is possible via the control panel. This, coupled with a visual and audible alarm system, enureses that your samples are both safe and secure, but also easy to access when you need them. Other features of this unit include: Micro Controlled Temperature controller with Audio Visual Alarm for high low temperature Display of set and process value. Extra - strength non CFC refrigeration system The unit is mounted on castor wheel for easy mobility CFC Free PUF (Poly Urethane Foam) Insulation to ensure temperature stability and save power consumption. Optional Accessories 7 Days circular temperature Recorder Multi Channel Data logging system.

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Platelet agitator
Platelet agitator Model HV-EXP1669
Platelet agitator specially designed to maintain, Platelets in continues motion at a fixed speed of 70 RPM. Maximum 36 standard Platelet bags can be accommodate at a time..

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Blood bank Scale
Blood bank Scale Model HV-EXP1670
Micro Controlled Blood bank Scale is designed for weighing Blood and Blood Components with display of Weight and volume. Special Features LED or LCD displays of Weight and Volume with accuracy of ± 1 mt / grm Helps better balancing of refrigerated centrifuge Tare provision to account for the weight of the blood bag. ABC Mounded body. Auto Calibration..

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Plasma Freezers
Plasma Freezers Model HV-EXP1671
Plasma Freezers are designed for quick freezing and storing of plasma and related blood components at desired low temperature as low as -80°C . The system includes controller with digital temperature display, Temperature recorder, ON /OFF switch, Temperature alarm system with adjustable high / low alarm limits, includes audio visual alarm on temperature deviation. Calibration: The equipment is calibrated with the help of master calibrator, which is certified for its accuracy by Electronics Regional Testing Laboratory (ERTL West) Government of India recognized testing laboratory with traceable reference to National Physical Laboratories (NPL).

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blood cell counter
blood cell counter Model HV-EXP1672
6 Unit, Clay Adams Typ For blood cell counting and simple computations, including percentage. Each unit counts upto 999 and last unit totalizes the different cells. A bell automatically sounds at every hundred. It has 5 keys and totalizer with dual knob on both ends to facilitate easy resetting. Supplied with safe transit packing and storage when not is use. Size :–300 × 64 mm.

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Blood Collection Monitor
Blood Collection Monitor Model HV-EXP1665
Blood Collection Monitor is a compact unit that provide safe and smooth action to ensure Mixing of Blood and Anticoagulant without damaging Blood Cells during collection of Blood from a donor. Special Features Volume can be set 1 ml increment Facility of pausing during collection and also can change preset volume. Microcontroller based program to give better accuracy Auto tare facility Motorized pinching system at the end of collection to prevent excess blood from the desired volume. Facility to check, set volume, gram and time totalizer during collection. Audio video alarm if the flow is less than 15 ml/ min and Audio Alarm at the end of collection..

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Plasma Thawing Bath
Plasma Thawing Bath Model BBE0001
We being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of these Plasma Thawing Bath, believe in providing our clients quality products. Thus our production process involves using of high quality raw materials and advanced technology.

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