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Crutch Under Arm ,pair 25MM.(round)
Crutch Under Arm ,pair 25MM.(round) Model HV-EXP4566
Light weight made of Aluminum construction and well padded under the arm and hand grip PVC foam type, hand grip and height of the crutch is totally adjustable as per the requirement of the user, Best quality rubber PVC shoe to avoid slipping on the floor available in different sizes and colour..

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Suction Apparatus Foot Operated
Suction Apparatus Foot Operated Model HV-EXP4567
A most dependable medical suction apparatus to give satisfactory service and efficient in working without electricity. Foot pedal operated two glass bottles fitted with vacuum gauge tubing..

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Elbow Sticks
Elbow Sticks Model HV-EXP4568
Elbow sticks made from aluminum frame duly anodized in golden colour very light weight provided with rubber foamed or wooden well fabricated grip handle , PVC rubber shoe provided on the slipping action on the floor, height of the stick totally adjustable with little affords and duly locked properly..

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Walker Folding Model HV-EXP4569
Walker folding type without wheel mobile. The construction of the unit made of Aluminum pipe totally light weight and folding, the height of the walker is adjustable WITH a lock, PVC foam hand grip provided for better grip to the user, heavy duty can tolerate the weight of 100 kegs patient..

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Walking Stick Powder Coating C.R.C. (PIPS) Model HV-EXP4570
Walking stick made of aluminum or steel light weight folding type construction, just suits to pocket anodized colour finish provided with heavy duty rubber shoe..

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Tri Pot Stick Model HV-EXP4571
Construction made of aluminum pipe duly anodized light weight provided with PVC/ WOODEN hand grip for better grip, height of the stick adjustable with little affords just to push the lock, easy to handle, provided with PVC non static shoes to avoid the slipping on the floor. The base of the stick is tripod type for easy walking for the patient.

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Jogger Mortised Heavy Duty
Jogger Mortised Heavy Duty Model HV-EXP4572
Details : 1.5 H.P. Continuos power(2.5 peak) Adjustable Incline 5 Window computer with pulse. Safety Lock. Speed, Distance, Time, Calorie meter. Air step cushion deck. Belt size 36cms x 115cms. Extended size 145cms x 64cms x 142cms. Foldable size 59cms x 64cms x 142cms. Speed 0 to 12 kms (stepless)..

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Foldable Jogger
Foldable Jogger Model HV-EXP4573
Details : Flatbed with imported bearing rollers. Multi function computer with pulse, speed, calories, distance and time function. Wheels on the front for portability. Adjustable incline. Complimentary water bottle, towel and lubricating oil for flatbed. Belt size 110cms x 33cms. .

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Multipurpose Exerciser ,6 in 1
Multipurpose Exerciser ,6 in 1 Model HV-EXP4574
Jogger Rowing Vibrator Twister Cycle Sit up Board. .

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Physio Ball
Physio Ball Model HV-EXP4575
Details : These balls were originally used in the 1960s by Swiss physiotherapists(hence the name "Swiss ball") to help children with cerebral palsy improve their physical skills, including balance. Since then, physical therapists have discovered many healthful uses for the balls. In Europe and United States, Doctors have been using and developing ball exercises for therapeutic fitness since as early as 1973. A few exercise performed by these balls include: Static dynamic strengthening of joint and spinal mobility. Cardiovascular fitness through low impact aerobics. Facilitating postural correction at an unconscious level increasing proprioception and kenesthesia. Mildline orientation and dynamic trunk control . Neuro-motor learning and coordination. To develop anti gravity posture.(Tonic tone). These balls in neurological conditions are very useful To improve balance and equilibrium. To control vestibular system and arousal. For proper weight shifts. It improves dissociation and relaxes the muscles. It is very useful for proprioceptive input. A must for every parent with small babies and doctors for their clinical use. Available in the following sizes: 45cms, 55cms, 65cms, 75cms, 85cms, 100cms

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Parallel Walking Bar
Parallel Walking Bar Model HV-EXP4576
Salient Features : The length of Parallel walking bar with wooden platform is 3.75 meters,hand rail made of chrome plated steel tuning 1.5" outer dia. Outer uprights made of thick steel tubing (2" dia). Mounted on a wooden platform with rubber inclination settings. Height adjustable with rubber from 30" to 44" and width from 15" and 25" adjustment can easily to done by mean of setting pins at the required holes and can further be stabilizing by tightening the screws. Comes with detachable polished teak wood abduction board, which fits on the holes in the middle of the platform steel uprights and hand rails are painted. .

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Arm Pulley Exerciser
Arm Pulley Exerciser Model HV-EXP4577
Salient Features : All chrome plated tubular steel construction mounted on the wooden platform and fitted with wall bracket at the top wall mounting comes with adjustable swivel pulley block a set of joking weight and two handles with nylon ropes suitable for all shoulder elbow and chest exercises confirming ISI specification. Rehabilitation machines are used for physical rehabilitation therapy..

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Static Cycle
Static Cycle Model HV-EXP4578
Salient Features : Ruggedly built tabular steel frame stands on four rubber tipped property balanced legs provided with adjustable standard cycle seat specially designed adjustable handle fitted with one hard rubber tyre cycle wheel and standard chain and sprocket for cycle drive comes controlled variation in the riding effect odometer show speed and kilometer done oven baked paint finish. Rehabilitation machines are used for physical rehabilitation therapy..

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Activator Model HV-EXP4579
Salient Features : For effective administration of progressive resistance exercise to lower and upper extremities for the patients with impaired body balance, unique exerciser for the lower and upper extremities. Either Arms or Legs can carry out the pedaling movement. It can be fixed adjusted in matter of seconds to limb size to the degree of flexion or extension. The fully chrome plated unit with adjustable resistance is very light easily portable and can be attached to any tubular chair, wheel chair or bed. Frame work: Main unit should be made of 60mmx30mm rectangular chrome plated pipe and could be adjustable in seconds to limb size (legs or arms), frame should have attachment of 25mm dia pipe with two clamps to fix to a tubular chair for exercises. Resistance; Pedaling movement in precision-machined cast iron clamp for resistance that can be varied through knob pedals should also have straps to hold the feet or hand. Finish; Bright chrome plated finish with power coated clamps, provided with instruction manual. Rehabilitation machines are used for physical rehabilitation therapy..

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grip exercises
grip exercises Model HV-EXP4580
Salient Features : For grip strengthening exercises. Frame: Should be made of 10mm ×4mm thick chrome plated steel strip with calibration on upper bar (0 to 4c) and outer frame should be fitted on 75mm wide × 250mm long laminated wooden base. Chrome plated finished, metallic grip exerciser is fitted on a 50mm wide laminated base. Suitable for patients with very weak / infirm hand. Gives heavy resistance with six detachable springs. The upper bar is calibrated in centimeters and is provided with a needle to mark record the daily progress..

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