Scientific Instruments

With our years of experience, we proudly offer a wide range of scientific instruments brimming with highest quality and finesse. Our wide array of instruments includes centrifuge incubators, dynamometers, electric heaters, free fall apparatus, and flask tongs.
Animal Cell Model
Animal Cell Model Model SI0001
The animal cell model shows intricate structure of an animal cell. This model represents various parts of the animal cell including nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosomes, and Golgi apparatus.

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Human Artery & Vein Model
Human Artery & Vein Model Model SI0002
This human artery and vein model is a three dimensional section of human blood vessels. It is ideal for understanding the structural difference between a human artery and a vein.

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Human Antagonistic Muscle Model
Human Antagonistic Muscle Model Model SI0003
Human Antagonistic Muscle Model shows the structure of muscles and their location. Our models form great teaching aids that make learning easy and fun. All models are made from superior quality materials and are finished well complete with labels.

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Capillary Tube Stand
Capillary Tube Stand Model SI0004
We provide premium quality ESR tube stands to our clients manufactured using sheet metal and finished in white enamel.

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Human DNA Model
Human DNA Model Model SI0005
Our human DNA model decodes the structure of DNA which is a molecule that carries the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and reproduction of all known living organisms.

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Dropping Bottle
Dropping Bottle Model SI0006
Dropping bottles are made from good quality hard glass is used to transfer small amount of liquids probably chemicals and other solutions to test tubes. These bottles are availing different models and sizes at competitive prices.

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Dry Block Incubator
Dry Block Incubator Model SI0007
We also carry a wide range of Dry Block Incubators suited various heating applications in chemical labs

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Earth Layers Model
Earth Layers Model Model SI0009
Earth layers models are manufactured from high quality raw materials. This model displays the different layers of earth crusts. The model is sectioned in different colours representing the each layer of the earth. The model is mounted on sturdy stand painted in vibrant colours are are well finished.

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Electric Heater
Electric Heater Model SI00010
We also carry a superior range of electric heaters widely used in laboratories for heating purposes. These are portable and can be connected anywhere. Easy to handle and maintain. A coil element is fitted in the heater which gets shot when electric current passes through the set up.

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Flask Tong
Flask Tong Model SI00011
Avail superior quality flask tongs used to hold flasks while conducting various experiments in chemical laboratories. High grade steel material providing high durability and aesthetic value to them is used in the manufacturing of these flask tongs.

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Free Fall Apparatus
Free Fall Apparatus Model SI00012
We also deal in free fall apparatus which is used to determine G by measuring the time of fall of a steel ball through a pre- determined distance. All the components fitted in this apparatus are made from quality raw materials. Bulk quantities available at discounted prices.

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Hand Centrifuge Machine
Hand Centrifuge Machine Model SI00013
We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of hand centrifuge machines. As the name suggests these centrifuge machines are operated manually and is table mounted with 4 buckets. All products are made under strict quality control faculty according standard industrial norms.

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Intestinal Villus Model
Intestinal Villus Model Model SI00014
The Intestinal Villus model explains the structure of villus which is small, finger-like projections that extend into the lumen of the small intestine. The model is mounted on a base and finished with well labelled numbered key card.

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Joule Colorimeter Wooden
Joule Colorimeter Wooden Model SI00015
We are prominent manufacturers and exporters of Joules Calorimeter in wooden. Following are the features of wooden calorimeter, Joules:

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