Thickness Testers

Electronic Coating Thickness Gauge
Electronic Coating Thickness Gauge Model HV-TT0001
Electronic Coating Thickness Gauge has wide range of application and used in

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Surface Profile Guages
Surface Profile Guages Model HV-TT0002
We are a leading manufacturer of Surface Profile Guages. We offer a wide range of Surface Profile Guages.

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Surface Roughness Comparator
Surface Roughness Comparator Model HV-TT0003
The measurement of Surface roughness Comparator is not as straightforward as most other engineering measurements, such as length or angle or hardness; and in order to get good accuracy, expensive instruments are needed

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Cross Hatch Tester
Cross Hatch Tester Model HV-TT0005
Cross Hatch Tester instrument is designed for assessing the resistance of paint or related coatings to separation from substrates when a right-angle lattice pattern is cut into the coating, penetrating through to the substrate.

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Press "O" Film
Press "O" Film Model HV-TT0006
We are a leading manufacturer of Press "O" Film. We offer a wide range of Press "O" Film. Press-O-Film provides inspectors and researchers a simple way to obtain an impression of a surface.

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Dial Type Elcometer Model HV-TT0007
We are a leading manufacturer of Dial Type Elcometer. We offer a wide range of Dial Type Elcometer.

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Pencil Type Coat Gauge
Pencil Type Coat Gauge Model HV-TT0008
Coat gauge is a coating thickness gauging device which so portable that it can be carried in the pocket like a pen.

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Surface Comparator Elcometer
Surface Comparator Elcometer Model HV-TT0009
We are a leading manufacturer of Surface Comparator Elcometer. We offer a wide range of Surface Comparator Elcometer.

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Pencil Coating Gauge
Pencil Coating Gauge Model HV-TT0010
We are a leading manufacturer of Pencil Coating Gauge. We offer a wide range of Pencil Coating Gauge.

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Pencil Hardness Tester
Pencil Hardness Tester Model HV-TT0011
We are a leading manufacturer of Pencil Hardness Tester. We offer a wide range of Pencil Hardness Tester

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Paint Impact Tester
Paint Impact Tester Model HV-TT0012
Paint Impact Tester is used for testing of coatings on metal substrates.

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Plating Thickness Tester
Plating Thickness Tester Model HV-TT0013
Plating Thickness Tester

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Conical Mandrel Test Apparatus
Conical Mandrel Test Apparatus Model HV-TT0014
Conical Mandrel Test Apparatus is suitable for use with metal panels up to 0.8mm thick flexible substrates up to 5mm thickness

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Ultra Sonic Thickness Gauge
Ultra Sonic Thickness Gauge Model HV-TT0015
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge measuring with ultrasonic wave is applicable for measuring the thickness of any material in which ultrasonic wave can be transmitted and reflected back from the other face. The gauge can provide quick and accurate measurement to various work pieces such as sheets of board and

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Bottle Thickness Gauge Model HV-TT016
Bottle Thickness Gauge is an easily portable instrument from Hoverlabs used for non-destructive testing.

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