Testing & Measuring Lab Trainers

Testing and measuring lab trainers are widely used in electronics labs. These lab trainers are actively applied in learning basic to advanced engineering. These instruments also help academicians in their research and development (R&D) as well as churning out new experimental studies. These testing and measuring lab rains undergo strict quality measures so as to come as precise and high performing instruments. Detailed R&D is done while manufacturing testing trainers to ensure optimum performance in each equipment.
Analog Oscilloscope
Analog Oscilloscope Model TAMI001
Hover Lab offers a wide range of testing and measuring instruments.The list includes analog Oscilloscope which is required in number of applications.

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Digital Storage Oscilloscope Model TAMI002
Digital Storage Oscilloscope provided by us comes with a number of features such as 1 GHz, 500, 350 MHz bandwidth models,2 and 4 channel models sample rates up to 5 gs/s on all channels,and several specifications as described.

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Logic Analyzers
Logic Analyzers Model TAMI003
We provide a high quality of Logic Analyzer. The logic analyzer provided by us helps the user to analyze digital signals, observation of multi channel logical messages & the examination of the logical status as well as the corrections of the time sequence.

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Spectrum Analyzers Model TAMI004
The Spectrum Analyzer provided by our company is a compact and easy to handle Spectrum Analyzer with efficient performance making it suitable for portable applications. The IF technology use ensures the reliability and performance for RF applications.

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Decade Inductance Box
Decade Inductance Box Model TAMI005
We offer a wide range of Decade Inductance Box.These inductance boxes are mostly used in various industrial applications. These boxes are used for measuring various depths.They have long life and High load bearing capacity.

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Decade Resistance Box
Decade Resistance Box Model TAMI006
It contains resistors of different values and two (or four) terminals, with a mechanical switch that makes a resistance of any value allowed by the box to be selected using dial. Decade Resistance Box finds its application in educational (eg.To obtain frequency response of single stage & two stage rc coupled common emitter transistor amplifier) and Industrial purposes.

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Decade Capacitance Box
Decade Capacitance Box Model TAMI007
We provide high quality laboratory equipment to fulfill the requirement of different values of standard capacitance. 10 steps are alloted for each dial ,so called decade. Provision to minimise the residual capacitance.

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Vacuum Tube Voltmeter(VTVM)
Vacuum Tube Voltmeter(VTVM) Model TAMI008
Amplified voltmeters mostly have an input resistance of 1, 10, or 20 megohms independent of the range selected. A vacuum tube in the amplifier circuit is used in this instrument and therefore called the vacuum tube voltmeter( VTVM).

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Output Power meter
Output Power meter Model TAMI009
Powermeter operates in combination with sensors of different types (CW, average and peak and average), with a wide range of frequency and power, to measure the power of microwave and RF signals. The device can be used to measure the output power of communication systems transmitters(BTs),radar system equipment,cellular telephones etc.

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LCR Q meter
LCR Q meter Model TAMI0010
LCR meter is used to measure Inductance,capacitance and resistance of an electronic component.An LCR meter is available in different frequency ranges.Handheld LCR meters are also available.

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Millivoltmeter AC (AE 493 )
Millivoltmeter AC (AE 493 ) Model TAMI0011
Voltmeter that can measure voltages in milivolt range.This device can measure small range of voltages at high frequency.It is used for component level testing.This device is highly demanded in electronic industry.

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Digital IC Tester
Digital IC Tester Model TAMI0012
The digital IC tester provided by us is used to test Integrated Circuits (ICs).One can easily test any digital IC with the help of this IC tester. The IC tester which we sell, is reliable and much easier than other IC testers.Using a IC tester reduces the complexity of wandering in hardware to test a simple IC.

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Universal IC Tester
Universal IC Tester Model TAMI0013
The offered range of universal IC tester provided by us is available in different customized specifications as per the diverse requirements of the customers. Along with this,we at Hoverlabs ,offers wide range of universal IC tester checked on different characteristics to maintain its quality.

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Universal IC Programmer Model HV-EXP2453
FEATURES 1. USB Interfaces.2. Device List Supported 6000+.3. Easy interface to LAPTOP & PC.4. Mouse support, user friendly menu driven software interface5. High speed programming, Cost effective Hardware and Flexible Software6. Supports standard 5V and low voltage devices down to 1.5V7. 48 Pin ZIF socket with universal pin-drivers. to supports 8-pin to 48-pin DIP package device8. Supports Devices ranging including :1. Most E (E) PROM, Series E (E) PROM.Flash2. Gal, Place, PLD9. Micro controllers 87xx / 89xx, PIC16Cxx/17Cxx9. Test: TTL/CMOS Test, Memory Test, Vector Test, Test Pattern Edit, Auto Identify TTL/CMOS Device10. Others: Macro, Options, Environment; 11. Automatically Identifies the manufacturer and type of E(E)PROMs12. Device insertion and poor pin-contact check13. Support all operations, such as program,verify, blank check, read, secure, erase and soon.14. Support of Binary, Intel Hex, Motorola S,Tektronix , formats and auto find format15. Support Universal DIP, PLCC, SOIC, SSO Padapters Socket.16. Software Support: Windows-98, XP, 2000, NT.17. Power supply : Input AC 100 to 240V , Output :DC 12V/1.5Amp ..

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