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Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus
Motorised Gyroscope Apparatus Model TML001
The set up consists of heavy stainless steel disc mounted on a horizontal shaft, rotated by a variable speed motor. The rotor shaft is coupled to a motor mounted on a trunion frame having bearings in a yoke frame, which is free to rotate about vertical axis. A weight pan on other side of disc balances the weight of motor. Rotor disc can be move about three axis. Torque can be applied by calculating the weight and distance of weight from the center of rotor. The gyroscopic couple can be determined.

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Journal Bearing Apparatus- Engineering Lab Training Systems
Journal Bearing Apparatus- Engineering Lab Training Systems Model TML002
Journal bearing apparatus for investigating the distribution of pressure in slide bearings illustrates the principle of hydrodynamic lubrication. The distribution of pressure and the carrying capacity can be determined on a sliding bearing model at different bearing loads and speeds.

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Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus
Whirling Of Shaft Apparatus Model TML003
When the natural frequency of a system coincides with the external forcing system frequency the phenomenon is called resonance. The speed at which resonance occurs is known as critical speeds. These speeds are also called whirling speeds or whipping..

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Universal Vibration Apparatus
Universal Vibration Apparatus Model TML004
The apparatus provided comprehensive unit to perform the vibration experiments. A universal frame is provided upon which quick and easy assembly of various experiments can be done. The unit is self-contained to safely store spares. The students can easily assemble the experiments and study the theory of vibrations practically.

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Cam Analysis Apparatus- Engineering Lab Training Systems
Cam Analysis Apparatus- Engineering Lab Training Systems Model TML005
Apparatus is a motorized unit consisting of a camshaft driven by a variable speed motor. The shaft runs in a double bearing. The free end of the camshaft has a facility to mount the cam easily.

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Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus
Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus Model TML006
This equipment is designed for carrying out the experiment for balancing a rotation mass system. The apparatus consists of a stainless steel shaft fixed in a rectangular frame. A set of four blocks with a clamping arrangement is provided. For static balancing, each block is individually clamped on shaft and its relative weight is found out using cord and container system in terms of number of steel balls. For dynamic balancing, a moment polygon is drawn using relative weights and angular and axial position of blocks is determined. The block are clamped on shaft is rotated by a motor to check dynamic balance of the system. The system is provided with angular and longitudinal scales and is suspended with chains for dynamic balancing.

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Universal Governor Apparatus - Engineering Teaching Equipment
Universal Governor Apparatus - Engineering Teaching Equipment Model TML007
The set-up is designed to study the working of different governors normally used to control the speed. It consists of a main spindle, mounted vertically on the base plate. This spindle is driven by a variable speed Motor which is also mounted vertically on the same base plate. Any one governor assembly out of four can be mounted on spindle. The spindle speed is controlled by speed control unit. A graduated scale is fitted to the sleeve to measure the displacement.

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Michel Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus
Michel Tilting Pad Bearing Apparatus Model TML008
The apparatus consists of a pad, which can be tilted to the required angle. An endless belt, which moves beneath the pad, carries the oil over its surface from oil bath. When the pad is tilted over the oil film, pressure is developed, the pad is provided with pressure tapings parallel and perpendicular to belt direction. The pressure distribution is measured over a multi tube manometer. The belt is driven by a variable speed motor. The tilting angle and minimum gap between pad and belt can be adjusted and characteristics thus can be studied at various gaps, inclination and relative surface speeds.

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Slip & Creep Measurement Apparatus - Engineering Teaching Equipment
Slip & Creep Measurement Apparatus - Engineering Teaching Equipment Model TML009
This apparatus is useful for measurement of power transmitted for various input power conditions with varied belt tension. Belt slip or creep also can be measured. The apparatus consists of a variable speed D.C. Motor, driving pulley and driven pulley of equal diameters. The pulleys are mounted on input shaft (motor shaft) and output shaft. The driven pulley can slide on the base only with bearing block to change the initial tension in belt. Brake drum is mounted on the output shaft, which helps to measure power output. The motor speed is varied by Thyristor Control D.C. Drive. A double channel digital speed indicator indicates driving and driven pulley speeds. With the help of Stroboscope (not in the scope of supply) it is possible to demonstrate the slip of belt on driving and driven pulley.

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Motorised Governor Apparatus
Motorised Governor Apparatus Model TML0010
The unit has a base on which bearing holders and driving motor are mounted to end conditions for test shafts i.e. two ends are fixed or one end fixed. This apparatus is designed to exhibit the process and principles of whirling of shafts with single rotor.

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Worm And Wheel Single Start, 30:1 Ratio- Engineering Lab Training Systems Model HV-EXP5745
Features Low cost, effective teaching Self-contained Wall mounted Introduction to simple machines Determination of velocity ratio mechanical advantage and efficiency Three year warranty Range of Experiments Experimental determination of velocity ratio and comparison with calculated value Determination of variation with load of: effort friction efficiency Limiting efficiency of the machine Description This high quality example of a steel worm and phosphor bronze wheel is built on a substantial wall mounted base. Both worm and wheel have integral cord drums with cords and load hangers to provide torque. The velocity ratio of 30:1 is achieved by a single start worm. This equipment is part of a range designed to both demonstrate and experimentally confirm basic engineering principles. Great care has been given to each item so as to provide wide experimental scope without unduly complicating or compromising the design. Each piece of apparatus is self-contained and compact. Setting up time is minimal, and all measurements are made with the simplest possible instrumentation, so that the student involvement is purely with the engineering principles being taught. A complete instruction manual is provided describing the apparatus, its application, experimental procedure and typical test results..

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Whirling Of Shafts Demonstrator Model HV-EXP5728
Whirling Of Shafts Demonstrator The set up is designed to study the whirling of shafts. The set-up consists of a sturdy M.S. frame, variable speed motor bearing holders etc.. Different bearing can be fitted in bearing block to have different end conditions i.e. (i) both end fixed, (ii) one end free and one end fixed etc. A variable speed motor is provided to drive the shaft along with speed control unit as the test is destructive, hence the shaft cannot be used again. Experiments Display of various modes of whril for a shaft with: a) Both ends directionally fixed. b) One ends fixed and other free c) Both ends directionally free. Modes of vibrations can be studied and frequency can be measured in each case. Utilities Required Floor area of 2m x 0.5 m Electric supply of 230V, AC Theory of Machine lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Theory of Machine Lab suppliers

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Vibration Of Single Degree Of Freedom System- Engineering Lab Training Systems Model HV-EXP5759
Vibration Of Single Degree Of Freedom System - Engineering Lab Training Systems Leveraging on our years of experience, we are able to offer our clients a broad array of Vibration Test Rig. The offered range of products offered by us are manufactured using superior quality raw material, which is procured from the authentic vendors of the market. Our range is also tested on various parameters s....

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Gyroscope- Engineering Lab Training Systems
Gyroscope- Engineering Lab Training Systems Model HV-EXP5756
Gyroscope - Engineering Lab Training Systems This gyroscope was first produced in 1917 under the name of 'Chandler gyroscope'. It has remained relatively unchanged and has been a classic educational toy for generations. It continues to fascinate young and old alike with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity. Whether you just want to have hours of fun with it just as a toy or whether you want to learn more about physics/science of gyroscopes..

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Coriolis Force Demonstrator- Engineering Lab Training Systems Model HV-EXP5753
Coriolis Force Demonstrator - Engineering Lab Training Systems Reaction turbine demonstration unit, designed for operation in conjunction with the HM 290 Turbine Service Unit. The turbine unit is placed on the Turbine Service Unit and supplied with water by the service unit. The turbine housing is made of Plexiglass so that the emerging water jet that drives rotor using the reaction principle can be observed unhindered. A braking device is fitted to the impeller shaft of the turbine, the braking device is in the form of a band brake using which the load and moment on the turbine shaft can be measured with an electronic dynamometer. A proximity switch measures the rotational speed of the turbine. The following accessories are required for operation: an Interface Module (HM 280.01), Data Acquisition Card with Software (HM 280.03) and Connecting Cables (HM 280.04). Using these accessories it is possible to take measurements, and process and store the measurements on a PC..

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