Oil and Petroleum Testing Equipment

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Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus
Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus Model OPTE001
We at Hover Labs Promises to supply "Cloud and Pour Point" for Oil and Petroleum testing without compromising with Quality. Low temperature properties of oils are assessed by cloud point tests. The pour point is the least temperature at which the oil will simply neglect to flow. The mechanical assembly comprises of a primary cooling shower made of stainless steel sheet and stand unit with channel attachment and spread with procurement for fitting thermometer and a filling gap for including solidifying blend. A glass container for containing oils, coat, circle and gasket as indicated are additionally given.

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Flash Point Apparatus
Flash Point Apparatus Model OPTE002
Flash Point Apparatus for deciding the blaze and fire purposes of petroleum items for Oil and Petroleum Testing is available with us. HoverLabs promises to keep control on high quality thereby maintaining the trust of clients.

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Flash Point Apparatus(Pensky Matrens type)
Flash Point Apparatus(Pensky Matrens type) Model OPTE003
Flash Point Pensky Matrens apparatus can be provided by HoverLabs on demand. The apparatus comes with gas test jet and electric heater with Energy regulator.

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Redwood Viscometer
Redwood Viscometer Model OPTE004
HoverLabs promises to supply highly efficient and more durable Redwood Viscometer. These instrument are used for determining the viscosity for Oil and petroleum Testing expressed in Redwood Seconds at the temperature of interest. It is suitable to operate on 220V, 50Hz, single phase, AC supply.

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Saybolt Viscometer
Saybolt Viscometer Model OPTE005
Hover Labs supplies highly efficient and durable say bolt Viscometer for the empirical measurement

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Standard Tar Viscometer
Standard Tar Viscometer Model OPTE006
Viscosity is the property of the fluid due to which it resists flow because of internal friction. The Tar Viscometer provides by us is utilized for knowing viscosity of cut - back bitumen and road oil. Viscosity is determined by observing the time taken by 50 cc of the material to flow from a cup through a specified orifice. It is suitable to operate on 220 V.50 Hz, AC single phase.

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Flow Cup Viscometer
Flow Cup Viscometer Model OPTE007
HoverLabs believes in supplying high quality flow cup used for educational and Industrial Applictaions.Simple flow cups of the efflux type are utilized to measure apparent viscosity. Flow cups with protective skirts, made up of gun metal with stainless steel orifice are available. Each cup is supplied with a stand and adjustable screws.

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Scratch Hardness Equipment
Scratch Hardness Equipment Model OPTE008
Scratch Hardness Equipment which is used to determine the scratch hardness of paints and enamels available in market (the minimum load required to produce a scratch showing the bare metal surface of the painted panel).

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Flexibility Tester Model OPTE009
This Flexibility Tester for Oil, Paint and Petroleum Testing, used for various industrial purposes is available with us.

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Weights for Oil and Petroleum Testing
Weights for Oil and Petroleum Testing Model OPTE0010
We provide different weights for oil and petroleum testing. These are used to determine the weight of paints and enamels in kg per ten litres. Each cup is supplied with lid.

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Pressure Resistance Model OPTE0011
We at HoverLabs ensure to supply high quality and an accurate pressure resistance for Oil, Petroleum & Paint Testing .It helps in determining pressure resistance properties of paints and enamels.

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Salt Mist Chamber
Salt Mist Chamber Model OPTE0012
Salt Mist Chamber for Oil, Petroleum & Paint Testing is available on demand. It is utilized in Salt Fog Testing and Corrosion Testing in Salt laden atmosphere.

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Englar Viscometer
Englar Viscometer Model OPTE0013
Englar Viscometer is used to determine the Viscosity of lubricants and fuel oils in accordance with continental emulsions. Hover Labs provides all types of viscometer at reasonable price.

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Reid Vapour Pressure Test Apparatus
Reid Vapour Pressure Test Apparatus Model OPTE0014
We provide highly precise Reid Vapour Pressure Test Apparatus on demand. It is used to know the vapour pressure of volatile non-viscous Petroleum products excluding liquefied petroleum gases.

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Softening Point Apparatus (Ring & Ball Apparatus)
Softening Point Apparatus (Ring & Ball Apparatus) Model OPTE0015
This apparatus is specially designed to determine the softening point of bituminous materials. Softening point is the temperature at which the sample becomes soft enough to allow a steel ball of specific dimension to fall at required distance under test condition.

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