Metal Testing Machines

Our Metal Testing Machines are designed to evaluate the composition of different metals precisely. Steadfast & long lasting material is used in the construction of every kind of testing equipment. We trade in only high quality products and ensure that all the needs of education departments and industries are fulfilled with our standardized products.
Torsion Testing Machine
Torsion Testing Machine Model MTM001
We bring forth a highly developed Torsion Testing Machine for performing various torsion and twist tests on metal rods and flats. Special features like torque cells, data acquisition system, digital indicator, high resolution and geared motor make the entire process of testing and measuring the torsion quite easy and feasible.

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Universal Testing Machine
Universal Testing Machine Model MTM002
Integrated with cutting edge technology, Universal Testing Machine presents in front of the industries an economical testing solution. This machine is capable of testing varied parameters like compression strength, tensile strength, elongation and shear strength of different materials. It is applicable on a wide variety of raw materials such as leather, rubber, plastics, fabric, belts, wires, etc.

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Spring Testers
Spring Testers Model MTM003
Our company has brought a revolution in the spring and wire forming industry with advanced Spring Testers. With this machine, we provide cutting edge and non-destructive testing solutions to several industries. This is specifically developed to support industries continual efforts in manufacturing better product at a lower cost. The offered testers are used for geometrical inspection of 2D and 3D wire formed parts.

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Rockwell Hardness Tester
Rockwell Hardness Tester Model MTM004
Hoverlabs make hardness

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Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester
Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester Model MTM005
We are a leading manufacturer of Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester. We offer a wide range of Portable Universal Dynasonic Hardness Tester.

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Pencils for Pencil Hardness Tester
Pencils for Pencil Hardness Tester Model MTM006
The test is very simple to do, will give uniform results, and is dependable because the pencils are graded. The grade of the pencil is determined by the amount of baked graphite and clay in its composition.

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Pen Type Hardness Tester
Pen Type Hardness Tester Model MTM007
Self-contained (impact device d integrated): no cables.

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Digital Portable Metal Hardness Tester
Digital Portable Metal Hardness Tester Model MTM008
Impact size, easy operation, Wide measuring range in HLD, direct display of converted hardness values in HB, HRB, HRC,HRA, HV, HS

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Spring Testing Machine
Spring Testing Machine Model HV-EXP4804
Product Details This Spring Testing Machine is a floor standing electro-mechanical manually operational testing machine. This machine is commonly used to test all types of coil springs, disc springs, wave springs and spring-type components.The machine enable load deflection tests of tension and compression springs to be carried out accurately and quickly. This testing systems is designed to bring an affordable solution to a wide variety of spring testing requirements. Product Specifications Capacity : upto 50 tons Operation : Manual Mechanical lab equipments manufacturers. Spring Testing Machine Lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Spring Testing Machine Lab suppliers

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