Structural Mechanics Lab

Our Structural Mechanics Lab Equipments are vivid and multidimensional instruments meant to cover a variety of applications and processes. The best raw materials are used to carve out these instruments. All the products are manufactured under strict quality control facility. Bulk quantities appreciated.
Apparatus For Verification Of Clarke's Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem Model SML001
With our technically advanced team in our ultra-modern manufacturing facility, we offer a competitive range of Apparatus for Verification of Clarke's Maxwell Reciprocal Theorem.

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Behaviour of Column and Struts Apparatus
Behaviour of Column and Struts Apparatus Model SML002
Behaviour of Column and Struts Apparatus is available with us. The design of the apparatus holds four spring steel columns which are put along a vertical wooden board. These four columns have different conditions:

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Curved Member Apparatus
Curved Member Apparatus Model SML003
1. Curved Member Apparatus consists of a steel bar which is used to make the different curved members Viz.

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Deflection of Truss Apparatus
Deflection of Truss Apparatus Model SML004
1. The Deflection of beam apparatus comes along with 4 panels of a PRATT steel truss, each panel of 40cm in horizontal direction and 30cm in vertical direction. Load can be easily weighed upon on each panel point.

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Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus
Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus Model SML005
1. We aim to provide quality cantered Elastically Coupled Beam Apparatus which comprise of three parallel bar suspension system with elastic beam at their top and lower ends.

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Elastic Properties of Deflected Beam Apparatus
Elastic Properties of Deflected Beam Apparatus Model SML006
Elastic properties of Deflected Beam Apparatus can be availed from us. This apparatus is widely used in engineering labs to understand the phenomenon related to Deflected beam.

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Three Hinged Arch Apparatus
Three Hinged Arch Apparatus Model SML007
Three Hinged Arch Apparatus is manufactured from mild steel so as to withstand the effects of the experiment. All our products are quality tested and are build according standard industrial norms. Following is the functioning of the apparatus:

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Shear Centre Apparatus Model SML008
Shear Centre Apparatus is accustomed to determine the vertical plane of shear centre for different cross sections commonly used for structures.

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Refrigeration Trainer - General Cycle Type
Refrigeration Trainer - General Cycle Type Model SML009
We deal in refrigeration trainers manufactured to display the components and general working cycle of refrigeration system. With various measurement provided in the trainer, the user can study the performance of the system.

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Refrigeration Trainer - Domestic Type Model SML0010
Domestic Type Refrigeration Trainers are manufactured keeping I mind the real set up of home refrigerator. It demonstrates the functioning and parameters affecting the performance of a domestic refrigerator.

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Air Conditioning Trainer - General Cycle Type
Air Conditioning Trainer - General Cycle Type Model SML0011
1. The unit consists of ducting fitted with various air conditioning components. Airflow is generated by an axial flow fan. In the airflow, heaters, cooling coil and steam humidifier connection is provided.

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Air Conditioning Trainer - Window Type Model SML0012
1. As you know, that windows Air conditioners have become a part of our lives, we also provide Air Conditioning Trainer - Window Type. The unit exhibits the fundamentals of window air conditioner & assessment of its efficiency.

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Ice Plant Trainer
Ice Plant Trainer Model SML0013
The ice plant trainer runs on ice can system. In this system, the cans are filled with water and are immersed in tank in which brine solution is circulated. The brine is cooled by the refrigerant, which in turn cools the water in can and turns it into ice.

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Water Cooler Trainer
Water Cooler Trainer Model SML0014
1. Water cooler trainers come with storage water tank, comprising of evaporator coil of the cooling unit. The cooling unit includes hermetically sealed compressor, air-cooled condenser, a capillary tube as expansion device and an evaporator cell.

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Desert Cooler Trainer Model SML0015
Desert Cooler Trainer works on the principle of evaporative cooling. These are mostly used in dry regions. It has a fan that takes in air from the atmosphere through pads specifically made for desert coolers. The difference in DBT & WBT at inlet and outlet can be measured hence the RH from the charts. The amount of water evaporated can be calculated by knowing the water level difference in the reservoir.

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