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Two Shaft Gas Turbine
Two Shaft Gas Turbine Model HV-EXP4424
Technical Description; The unit represents a two-shaft system with a radial compressor and turbines. The system contains a gas generator comprised of a compressor, combustion chamber and high pressure turbine, followed by a free running low pressure turbine. The low pressure turbine is coupled to an asynchronous generator via a belt drive. The electrical energy generated when the turbine is loaded is dissipated using braking resistors. The gas turbine is started with a starting fan. Lubricating oil is supplied to the turbine by an independent pump with oil filter and oil cooler. All controls and displays are mounted on the front panel in the relevant place on the system diagram. The turbine is equipped with safety devices to prevent high turbine inlet temperature, faults in the oil supply and overspeed. Silencers on the intake and exhaust piping enable the unit to be used in normal laboratories. The usage of propane gas ensures clean, odourless operation and low exhaust gas emissions. The system also requires a three-phase power supply and cooling water. ;.

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Experimental Set Forces in a Truss Model HV-EXP2647
Technical Description This set enables the distribution of the forces in various plane trusses to be investigated using the universal test frame . A useful range of member lengths saves time-consuming adjustment. The members can be quickly and sturdily connected to joint discs using special snap action connectors. For the measurement of the force, all members are equipped with strain gauge bridges. The measuring amplifier is required to display the forces in the members and to further process the measured values on a PC. A set of cables to connect strain gauges and the amplifier is included. The trusses can be loaded using a spindle drive with a ring dynamometer and strain gauge..

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Two Shaft Gas Turbine Simulator
Two Shaft Gas Turbine Simulator Model HV-EXP4425
Technical Description Nine different process parameters can be set using potentiometers on the front panel of the benchtop unit. The software provides a wide range of diagrams and graphs. The simulator can model the theoretical system limits without hazard, limits at which real systems would be destroyed or seriously damaged. The unit comprises a control panel, data acquisition card and software..

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Experimental Set Equilibrium of a Rigid Body Model HV-EXP2652
Technical Description In combination with theuniversal testing frame, the states of equilibrium and reaction forces in a ladder are investigated with this experimental set. The ladder consists of two parallel rods that are supported on the universal testing frame. The reaction forces are simulated in the appropriate direction using cords. Suspended weights represent the forces. A weight can be positioned on the ladder; the position of this weight can be precisely defined using a ruler with a millimeter scale. Due to its robustness and size, the experimental set can be used both for student experiments and for demonstrations in large lecture theatres..

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Two Stage Air Compressor Simulator
Two Stage Air Compressor Simulator Model HV-EXP4426
Technical Description This benchtop unit allows variables that affect the process (such as capacity, dead space, flow rate and state of the intake air) to be adjusted from the panel. The simulator can model operating states up to the theoretical limits. The significance of the dead space and air re-expansion thus becomes clear. The model comprises a control panel and a data acquisition card with software.;;.

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Steam Boiler Safety & Control
Steam Boiler Safety & Control Model HV-EXP4417
Technical Description The unit has been developed and built in accordance with the German technical regulations for steam and boilers . The normal operation of a boiler as well as malfunctions in the water level and pressure sections of the boiler that trip the safety control system monitors the operation of the boiler and uses original parts with TRD approval. In addition to the safety devices it is possible to switch in up to 15 system faults. Various fault conditions in system components can be simulated and their identification practiced. The system comes equipped with PC data acquisition. A supply of compressed air is required..

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Precision Friction Measurement Apparatus Model HV-EXP2651
Technical Description The precision measuring unit is used to determine coefficients of friction experimentally. Several different pairs of materials with varying surface finishes can be investigated. During this process, the specimen under examination is stationary and the supporting friction surface is pulled past it. In this way a stable force measurement is made over the measuring range 02N with a resolution of 0.05N. The force dial gauge is equipped with an air damper to compensate slip-slap effects to a large degree. The supporting friction surface is driven using an electrical synchronous motor. The drive provides two constant speeds. The normal force can be changed by adding weights. The sturdybenchtop unit was specially designed as a student experiment..

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Experimental Set Stability of Structures Model HV-EXP2630
Technical Description The set is intended for use with the universal test frame and demonstratessimple stability problems. The core of the set is a two-part testbar with a central joint at which the buckling load can be determined under varying boundary conditions. The elastic low-friction joint is represented by a torsion spring fitted between the two parts of the test piece. Loading is performed continuously using a lever with a set of weights. An exact scale on the lever permits the load to be determined with precision. Varying clamping is possible by means a steel spiral spring of variable length on the lower bearing. A further set of weights with a cord is used to generatelateral forces..

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Single Cylinder Steam Engine Model HV-EXP4413
The unit contains the key components of a steam power plant: a gas-heated boiler, a double-acting single-cylinder piston steam engine with generator, a condenser and a feed water supply with tank and pump. All necessary safety devices are fitted. A supply of mains electricity, water and propane gas are required for operation..

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Air Compressor Test Unit Model HV-EXP4414
Technical Description The compact benchtop unit contains all the essential components of a compressor system. The compressor to be tested is a single-stage single-cylinder machine. During the functional test the efficiency of the compressor is investigated against the increasing pressure in the tank over time. The power consumption of the drive motor is displayed on the switch box. A stopwatch is supplied for time-related measurements..

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Supplementary Kit Block and Tackle Model HV-EXP2656
Technical Description In conjunction with the this supplementary set presents the effects of pulley blocks and their physical relationships. Various examples are used to show very clearly the savings in power/effort that can be obtained when using these simple machines. The sturdy metal design of the parts permits the quick and easy set up of student experiments. The clearness of parts set also makes it well suited for demonstration use only. The set includes all the single parts and tools required for the experiments. None of the advantages of the apparatus for statics experiments TM110 are restricted..

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Structures Table with Standard Roof Truss Model HV-EXP2645
Technical Description This training unit is used to investigate loaded plane trusses and enables the member forces to be measured. A pre-assembled main truss is included. The trusses are assembled using joint discs to avoid bending loading. Seven of the members are equipped with full bridge strain gauges for the measurement of force. A strain gauge connecting box is included in which the offset error of the individual strain gauges is already compensated. The measuring amplifier FL151is required for measured signal conditioning. The loading device is mounted in bearings such that it can rotate, as a result it is also possible to apply forces at an angle. The unit is designed as an easy to operate table model. Another trussis available as an accessory, a laboratory trolley for storing the individual parts is also available

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Two Cylinder Steam Engine Module
Two Cylinder Steam Engine Module Model HV-EXP4422
Technical Description The forms a complete steam power plant with the matched steam generator and the Universal Drive and Brake Unit. Heat energy is initially converted into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy by the operating as a dynamometer. The experimental module contains a steam engine, a condenser and a condenser tank together with comprehensive instrumentation. The steam engine is an enclosed two-cylinder machine with 180° crank offset. It is of single action with plunger pistons. The condensate tank is designed as a cascaded tank and separates oil from the steam engine. The clean condensate is pumped back to the feed water tank of the steam generator. A supply of cooling water is required for operation..

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Experimental Set Deflection of Trusses Model HV-EXP2632
Technical Description This experimental set enables, in conjunction with the universal test frame , the elastic deformation of different plane trusses to be experimentally investigated. During these experiments, Castigliano's theory is demonstrated and applied. The truss members are made of PVC. The different lengths of the members enable numerous truss variants to be assembled and save time-consuming adjustment. The members are quickly and securely attached to the joint disc using special snap action joints. A spindle drive with a ring dynamometer is used to load the truss. The two bearings with joint discs and the loading device are equipped with rapid action fasteners for attachment to the frame..

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Jet Turbine Module
Jet Turbine Module Model HV-EXP4415
Technical Description Using the behaviour of a jet turbine can be studied. Jet turbines are used on aircraft for propulsion due to their low weight and their high performance. The gas turbine is a single-shaft jet engine with radial compressor and axial turbine. Compressor and turbine are of single-stage design. The intake volumetric flow rate is measured using a measuring orifice. The thrust force is measured using an electronic force sensor. The turbine is started fully automatically with the aid of an electric starter. PC data acquisition with evaluation software permits online logging and graphical representation of all relevant process variables..

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