Microwave Lab Trainers

We are exporters of user-friendly Microwave Lab Trainers designed for engineering and technical students & teachers for insightful learning, complete technical support and practical coverage of the electronic fundamentals. Find suitable products to study frequency & different wave lengths, all at one place. The Microwave lab trainers are fragment of the Telecommunications system. These are combination of hardware and courseware to help student conduct experiments in microwave principles and practices. These trainers include power supplies, dashboard, high-quality microwave components, and accessories required to perform the tests & trials.
Reflex Klystron Bench 1
Reflex Klystron Bench 1 Model MWLT001
Reflex Klystron and the associated microwave bench for microwave lab is provided by our company.Using this apparatus one can perform all the relevant experiments of microwave Lab.This apparatus is used in Engineering educational Institutions.

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GUNN Diode
GUNN Diode Model MWLT002
The GUNN Diode finds its application in Microwave Communication.The Gunn Oscillator uses the negative differential conductivity effect in semiconductors having two conduction bands separated by an energy gap.

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Full Microwave Bench (Dielectric and E-plane also available)
Full Microwave Bench (Dielectric and E-plane also available) Model MWLT003
This fully loaded microwave bench can be used to solve the both educational and research purposes.Using this bench directional coupler characteristics can be obtained.

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40 Pin Universal Programmer Model HV-EXP3973
FEATURES ·; 40 Pin DIP ZIF socket ·; Printer Port Interfaces, parallel communication, uses address 278H,378H, 3BCH ·; Easy interface to LAPTOP, PC, PS/2 or compatibles. ·; Mouse support, user friendly menu driven software interface. ·; High speed programming, Cost effective Hardware and Flexible Software. ·; Tests standard logic and SRAM devices ·; Supports DOS and Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/9x. ·; Free software update from internet. SPECIFICATION ·; AC adapter : Input 100V- 240V AC, Output 12VDC/2Amp. ·; Dimension : 200(L)x140(W)x24(H)mm DEVICE SUPPORT Supports more than 3450 devices, including : ·; Most E(E)PROM, Series E(E)PROM. Flash. ·; GAL, EP3xx/6xx/9xx, PEEL, PALCE, TIBPAL, PLUS, PLS, PLH, PLC, ATV, ATF, CPL, 85Cxxx, 5Cxxx, DS12xx. ·; Microcontrollers 87xx / 89xx / Z86Exx / TMS320xxx / D77Pxx / D75Pxx / D78Pxx / PD75xxx / HD6370xxx / PIC16Cxx/17Cxx, COP87xx, and PSD3XX. ·; TTL TESTER : 74 SERIES ·; CMOS TESTER : 40/45 SERIES ·; MEMORY TESTER : 2K/8K/32K STATIC RAM HARDWARE & ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS ·; Device socket : One 40 pin ZIF socket. ·; Programmer dimensions: 7 3/4" L x 5 1/2" W x 3/4" H. ·; Power supply : Input AC 100 to 240V , Output : DC 12V/ 1.5Amp..

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