School Education Lab

Hand Lens
Hand Lens Model SEL00187
Hand lens- Bi convex glass lens in metal rim lens

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Delivery Tube Glass
Delivery Tube Glass Model SEL00181
50.1 Straight soda lime glass 5 to 6mm

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U Tube
U Tube Model SEL00189
U tube (19.5cm height and 6.5cm width)

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Galvanometer Model SEL00185
Galvanometer, moving coil, 35-0-35mv dc

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Periodic Table
Periodic Table Model SEL00183
Periodic Table 125x200cm Rexine

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Clinical Thermometer
Clinical Thermometer Model SEL0011
Clinical thermometer with stubby bulb

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Spot Plates
Spot Plates Model SEL009
porcelain, 6 cavities

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Gas Collection Apparatus
Gas Collection Apparatus Model SEL00144
Wood splints

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Gauze Model SEL00146
20.1 Steel wire with ceramics centre 125 x 125mm

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Measuring  Jug
Measuring Jug Model SEL00150
Measuring jugs, Polypropylene graduated, transparent

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Clay Triangle
Clay Triangle Model SEL00148
Triangles, iron wire pipe clay tubes

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Flask Model SEL00179
Distillation flask round bottom with side arm at an angle of 75 to the vertical axis.

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Flask Model SEL00177
Pyrex glass, conical (Erlenmeyer) narrow neck graduate

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Tong & Tweezers
Tong & Tweezers Model SEL00171
Beaker-stainless steel, with 25mm wide jaws, 1330 mm

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Thermometers Model SEL00169
1. Yellow Backed Glass, Mercury Filled, Stirring (i) Range 0 Length: 10x50x300 mm

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