Wood Testing Machines

One stop shop for Wood Test Machines for testing wood, wood based materials and wood products according to industrial standards. Machines available for both industrial and educational purposes. We are leading exporters of quality testing equipments. The range starts from Vibration Table, Gloss Meter to Moisture Meter.
Vibration Table
Vibration Table Model WTM001
The transport packages in all distribution system are subjected to varying intensities of vibrations.Vibration Test is carried out to assess the performance of a filled package or furniture in terms of its strength or protection that it offers to its contents when subjected to vibration. This test method simulates the transport hazards, to produce an equivalent effect or damage during the test.The equipment is suitable for testing containers of any form, material, kind, design with interior packing, means of closure and any size and weight.

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Gloss Meter
Gloss Meter Model WTM002
Gloss Meter is the most economical device for measuring the gloss and brightness of different materials. Gloss is the comparison among the visual perceptions present in different objects and surfaces. It is basically created by the interaction of light with the physical characteristics of the surface.

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Moisture Meter
Moisture Meter Model WTM003
Moisture Meter is an electrical resistance type digital moisture meter. If calculates on the basis of mass of water/ mass of solids. Since the electrical conductivity of paper is considerably effected not only by its moisture content, but also by the paper temperature and various substance contained in the paper, Hover labs Moisture meter has been designed to take these parameters into consideration to ensure accurate readings.

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