ENT Diagnostic Equipments

ENT Diagnostic Equipments are widely exported and supplied by us. All types of ENT Diagnostic Equipments are provided across the globe. The range starts from Conventional Laryngoscopes, Optical Fibre Laryngoscope, Mini Fibre Optic Otoscope and much more.
Lead-Free Clar Head Light With Re-Chargable Battery
Lead-Free Clar Head Light With Re-Chargable Battery Model ENT0030
Lead-free clar head light, 9 volt, with Adjustable joint, black Plastic head band, with Foam rubber & 9 volts Re-chargeable battery along-with charger.

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Clar Head Light Traditional
Clar Head Light Traditional Model ENT0029
Head light, 6 volt, with Adjustable joint, white Plastic head band, with Foam rubber & cord with Adaptor 220-240 volts.Head band is available in Assorted colours

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Ziegler Head Mirror
Ziegler Head Mirror Model ENT0028
The black plastic headband can be adjusted to the individual head size By means of the metal Buckle.

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Lead-Free Jansen Head Light With Re-Chargable Battery
Lead-Free Jansen Head Light With Re-Chargable Battery Model ENT0027
Lead-free Jansen head light With 9 volts re-chargeable Battery along-with Charger & standard Illumination 2.5v, chrome Plated head with magnifying Glass.

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Jansen Head Light
Jansen Head Light Model ENT0026
Head light with standard Illumination 2.5v, chrome plated head with Magnifying glass. Movable in all directions By means of a joint. Head band can be adjusted by Metal screw. Supplied With adaptor. Head bandIs available in assorted Colors

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Laser Head Light
Laser Head Light Model ENT0025
Laser head light with Adjustable joint, grey Plastic head band, with Foam rubber. Head bandIs available in assorted colours.

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Pocket Mini Led Ophthalmoscope Model ENT0024
Modern ophthalmoscope with maintenance-free led Illumination. Its brightness & colour rendering are Comparable with a Heine xhlXenon halogen Ophthalmoscope. Ideal for Rounds & house calls. The Heine optics produce crisp, Clear images of the whole Area under examination &minimise the Reflections.

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Mini Fiber Optic Otoscope-New
Mini Fiber Optic Otoscope-New Model ENT0023
2.5 v mini fiber optic light. Otoscope head: pin Contact fitting. Fixed lens4x in plastic mount may be removed for introduction Of instruments. Plastic Tube with 7 ear disposable Specula 2.5 & 4 mm.

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Fiber Optic Macintosh Laryngoscopes Model ENT0022
Blades are made of surgical stainless steel. High impact plastic Storage case - for ease of transport. Fiber optic Laryngoscopes.

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Professional Mega Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Model ENT0020
Re-useable professional Mega fiber optic Laryngoscope, made of Surgical stainless steel with chrome plated brass Handle.

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Conventional Laryngoscope Mccoy With Flexitip Blade
Conventional Laryngoscope Mccoy With Flexitip Blade Model ENT0019
Re-useable conventional Laryngoscope McCoy with Flexitip blade made of surgical stainless steel with Chrome plated brass handle.

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Dermatoscopes / Dermoscopes Model ENT0018
Dermatoscopes or Dermoscopes are useful Tools used by Dermatologists to help with Examining the skin. A Dermatoscope is a hand held Optical device, much like a Magnifying glass, with a light Source attached.

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Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Mccoy With Flexitip Blade Model ENT0017
The 'McCoy-style' blade is based on the standard Macintosh blade. It has a Hinged tip that is operated by a lever mechanism on the Back of the handle. It Allows elevation of the Epiglottis while reducing. The amount of force Required.

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Metal Otoscope Ophthalmoscope Kit Model ENT0016
Professional metalOtoscope ophthalmoscope Kit. 2.5v standard Illumination. Corrective Lenses ranging from 0 to+20 & from 0 to -20 diopters, Single large circle Aperture.

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Conventional ENT Diagnostic Set
Conventional ENT Diagnostic Set Model ENT0015
Complete high quality Diagnostic set Standard sized diagnostic Set includes steel head Otocope with insuflation Port and removable lens, Classic simple Ophthalmoscope head with Standard diopters, cattery

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