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Standard Gyroscope
Standard Gyroscope Model HV-EXP054
The brass wheel is 7.5 cm dia and 3 cm at its rim,carefully balanced and all the three pairs ofpivots are adjustable. Complete fitted on metalbase..

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Epicycle Gear Sun & Planet Type Model HV-EXP074
Properly constructed model.

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Tortion Apparatus Searle's Type
Tortion Apparatus Searle's Type Model HV-EXP044
Horizontal bench pattern. The wheelmoving on ball bearing is providedwith a chuck to hold the rod undertest. The other end of the rod isclamped tightly to bracked. Thepoints and scales are gradually in single degree and can beclamped at any position. Complete with ribbon, hook androds of steel and brass, but without weights..

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Friction Slide
Friction Slide Model HV-EXP008
Simple type having a wooden board 75x15 cm. with glasssurface, a frictionless pulley is fixed to one end, four slidingboards of different area are provided to determine the force offriction, with scale pan but without weights..

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Working Model of Crawler Crane
Working Model of Crawler Crane Model HV-EXP354
The model Is of mounted crane which revolves about Itsvertical axis moving the load along the circular path. It isequipped with dark line boom which can turn about a hingewhile lifting or lowering the load. The unit Is constructed oflight and strong metal and hard wood parts. Working bymeans of F.H.P. 220 volts A.C. motor. Size In length 25 cm.breadth 20 cm height 60 cm and angular movement 140degrees approximately. Complete with operatingInstructions..

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Blast Furnance
Blast Furnance Model HV-EXP342
The fundamental features of productionsequence of iron from are with utilizationof waste gases fully manifested fromstudy of the model. The whole about cutway in design and clearly labelled. besides the main meltingunit showing refractory linihng., charging system, washers,gas holder and stoves on gas and air. The system is allmetallic mounted on 80 x 60 cm wooden base and Is 80 cm.high approximately

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Centrifugal Pump Iron Base with Pulley
Centrifugal Pump Iron Base with Pulley Model HV-EXP334
An all metallic section cut small size demonstration modelmade of cast aluminium parts. Rotator presses wateroutward by centrifugal action. Complete on a cast iron basewith a pulley..

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Centrifugal Pump without Battery
Centrifugal Pump without Battery Model HV-EXP335
The model is complete on base with trough, working with apair of dry cells (3 volts). Without battery..

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Pelton Turbine
Pelton Turbine Model HV-EXP323
An all metallic working model, comprising of a single jethorizontal shaft turbine. A 20 cm diameter disc provided withdouble hemispherical cups mounted in a housing with a transpatent window on one side. The model ordinarily works by use with tap water connectedto over head laboratory tank. The inlet jet is provided with Iiscrew type regulator to control smooth inflow of water

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Different Impellers Of Pumps And Turbine
Different Impellers Of Pumps And Turbine Model HV-EXP317
Each modelmounted on a sturdy board with nomenclature. Size of board Is about 70x85 cm (a) Mixed low runner cast aluminium about 180 mmin dia. (b) Axial flow runner cast aluminium abuot 180 mmin dia. (c) Radial or centrifugal runner cast aluminium about 180mmin dia. (d) Kaplan Runner cast aluminium about 170 mmIn dia. (e) Francis Runner cast aluminium about 180 mmIn dia. (f) Domestic Self priming runner of brass about 100 mm india. (g) Centrifugal runner original, cast iron. (h) Pelton Wheel runner, cast aluminium 300 mm in dla..

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Pitot Tube Model HV-EXP308
Cylindrical shape, all brass, chromium plated to find theduration of flow and velocity of fluid, height about 50 cm.Complete with manometer but without mercury.

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U Tube Double Coloumn
U Tube Double Coloumn Model HV-EXP309
Manometer Both ends open with one end bent, fitted onpolished wooden base with scale ad suspensi on hook tohang the manometer on a pipe. Glass parts made for Borosil(corning) glass tube. (a) 15cm long (b) 25 cm long (c) 50 cm long (D) 100 cm long.

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Determination Of Cd, Cv And Cc Orifices
Determination Of Cd, Cv And Cc Orifices Model HV-EXP300
Overhead tank 45x45x120 cms high isstrongly made in steel sheet and angle ironframe with separating pipe, gauge 'glass andscale graduated In cms and litres, drain cockand overflow. The tank has quick action valvein front having a facing to take the followinterchangeable orifices which are included with theapparatus. Four orifices sharp edged-round, square,rectangular and rectangular and four mouth pieces,convergent, divergen 111 form and re-entrant. (b) Stand for above made of angle Iron and Iron strips stror4l;made. (c) Scale and Sliding Attachment For measuring the curvedthe out flowing jet. Horizontal and vertical scales are accurateto 1 mm with vernier reading to 1/10 mm. Complete with fixarrangements to the overhead tank. (d) Collecting tank For above, size 8OX80x90 cm in strongsteel sheet and angle iron frame work. Complete with a glassgauge and scale calibrated In cms and litres and also a quickdrain cock. (e) Collecting Tank Size 80x80x90 cm In strong steel sheetand angle iron frame work divided Into two water light compartments each having a gauge glass and scale calibrated ,cms and litres and also a quick drain cock..

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Rain Gauge Measuring Jar Spare
Rain Gauge Measuring Jar Spare Model HV-EXP288
Different types for various types of non-recording raingauges. (I) Plastic Jar to record 12.5 mm. of rain. Suitable for rain.Gauge No. 441 (ii) Glass Jar to record rain upto 20 mm of rain suitable forrain gauge No. 441 (iii) Glass Jar to record rain upto 25 mmrain suitable for raingauges No. 441 &445 (vi) Glass Jar suitable for rain guage No. 446 & 448 (v) GlassJar Suitable for rain gauge No. 447

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Cloud Apparatus
Cloud Apparatus Model HV-EXP282
For demonstrating the formation of clouds. Consists of aglass bulb with a tube having two openings. To the largeropening is attached a rubber bulb; to the other a rubber tubeand a pinch cock for the introduction of gas. When rubberbulb is filed with water, compressed, and then released, adense cloud will be formed k1 glass bulb..

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