Microscope Prepared Slides

Choose from high quality microscope prepared slides for every grade level. Anatomy, Botany, General Biology, Pathology, Zoology, Elementary microscope prepared slides are available. The specimens are mounted with complete finesse so that the observer can completely study the specimen. Slides are well packed to avoid any breakage during transportation.
Amoeba Prepared Slide
Amoeba Prepared Slide Model MPS001
Study the biology of Amoeba Protozoa through our prepared slides. The Amoeba slide is stained well for microscopic clarity.

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Stomata Leaf Prepared Slide
Stomata Leaf Prepared Slide Model MPS002
Our collection of prepared slides also include stomata leaf prepared slide. It shows the structure of stomata of leaf. The specimen is mounted on an excellent quality slide for better viewing of the specimen under microscope.

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Spirogyra Prepared Slide
Spirogyra Prepared Slide Model MPS003
We also have spirogyra prepared slide. The specimen is accurately mounted on the slide so as to offer a clear view of its structure under microscope. Good quality glass slides are used for the mounting of the specimen. Other prepared slides also available.

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