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Laboratory Pasteuriser Model HV-EXP1736
Laboratory Pasteuriser Pasteuriser is an example of the modern high temperature, short time (HTST) pasteurisers used in commercial food production.

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Bernoullis Theorem Complete with Collecting Tank Model HV-EXP1728
Bernoullis Theorem Complete with Collecting Tank:. Micro Teknik We offer Bernoulli s Theorem Apparatus that is designed for experimental verification of the theorem.

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Reverse Osmosis Ultra Filtration Unit
Reverse Osmosis Ultra Filtration Unit Model HV-EXP1725
Reverse Osmosis Ultra Filtration Unit Reverse Osmasis Ultra Filteration Unit The RO/UF unit is the smallest known industrial membrane system of its type in the world.. It is designed specifically for laboratory scale testing of both reverse osmosis and ultra filtration techniques.

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Bacth Enzyme Reactor Model HV-EXP1731
Bacth Enzyme Reactor range of small scale chemical reactors comprises four units which represent the most common types of chemical reactor found in industry.

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Chiller Water Bath Model HV-EXP1727
Chiller Water Bath ideal for chilling and condensing applications in external systems such as Rotary Vacuum Evaporators,. Viscometers, Electrophoresis Systems, Chilling of heated water baths and general lab applications of chilling in closed loop systems.

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Aerobic Digester Model HV-EXP1730
Aerobic Digester consists of a 2 gallon reactor vessel mounted on a steel base, with a liquid feed pump, air supply, and instrumentation for monitoring and controlling the process.

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Chemical Reactor Training Equipment Model HV-EXP1732
Chemical Reactor Training Equipment Our dynamic workforce helps us carry out an efficient manufacturing process to manufacture Chemical Reactor Training Equipment

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Absorption in Packed Column Model HV-EXP1729
Absorption In Packed Column The absorption column is designed to demonstrate the basics of gas absorption in the unit operations of chemical engineering.

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Gas Absorption Column Model HV-EXP1735
Gas Absorption Column This apparatus is used to determine the air pressure differential across the column as a function of air flow rate at different water flow rates down the column, and flooding point can be noted.

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Double Water Distiller Model HV-EXP1733
Double Water Distiller The Double Water Distiller manufactured by us is highly acclaimed for being sturdy and durable. These equipments are also known for their efficient service life

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Pressure Leaf Filters
Pressure Leaf Filters Model HV-EXP1771
Pressure Leaf Filters are used for filter aid type of filteration of edible / non-edible, castor, vegetable, palm, oils, sulphur, dewaxing, catalyst various chemicals. They find very wide application in all oil chemical industries to separate solid particles upto 5 microns size.

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Interchangeable Glass Instrument Model HV-EXP1726
Interchangeable Glass Instrument Available Autoclave Sizes 100ml to 2Ltrs Interchangeable glass cylinder assembly with top bottom SS / other metal flanges external bottom plate heater or jacketted glass, pressure safety valve safety shield to fit in a existing standard metal.

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Fluidisation And Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit Model HV-EXP1734
Fluidisation And Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Unit FLUIDISATION AND FLUID BED HEAT TRANSFER UNIT. DESCRIPTION: This is a dryer in which moisture removal takes place by fluidization of solids particles by hot air. The set-up fitted with a specially designed, vertical Glass Column.

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Cover All
Cover All Model CRE0001
Our in-depth knowledge and industrial expertise enable us to offer a comprehensive range of Cover All. We manufacture these unique products by making use of high-grade raw material and progressive technology in line with the set industry standards.

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Liquid Chromatograph Digital Model HV-EXP1737
A single source of authoritative information on all aspects of the practice of modern liquid chromatography suitable for advanced students and professionals working in a laboratory or managerial capacityChapters written by authoritative and visionary experts in the field provide an overview and focused treatment of a single topic.

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