Foam Testing Equipment

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Indentation Hardness Tester
Indentation Hardness Tester Model FTE001
Indentation Hardness Tester for rubberized coir cushioning is used for the indentation hardness measurement of foam, PU foam, rubberized coir and latex foam. The system consists of a shear beam type load cell over which the test specimen is kept. The test specimen is pressed with an indentor of the specified dimension mounted on self/ aligning ball bearing such that it can adjust its inclination to match the top face of the test specimen.

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Ball Resilience Tester
Ball Resilience Tester Model FTE002
It is an kind of Foam Testing Equipment. Resilience of polyurethane foam is determined by dropping a metallic sphere on a slab of foam kept on a horizontal surface from a height of 500 mm and finding the height to which it rebounds after striking the surface of foam. The Ball Resilience Tester for polyurethane foam consists of a flat horizontal platform, a vertical acrylic tube in which the sphere is dropped, and a hand operated arrangement to release the sphere from a pre-determined height. It has four leveling screws to make it horizontal.

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