Fabric Testing Equipment

Comprehensive range of Fabric Testing Equipments available at HOVERLABS for industrial as well as educational purposes. The range of products starts from Bundesmann Apparatus, Air Permeability Tester, Pilling Tester, and Thickness Gauge to Snap pull out tester.
Bundesmann Apparatus Model FTE001
Bundesmann Apparatus is used for the water absorption and water penetration of the textile fabrics. It consists of a steel structure with specimens is rotated at a specified speed in this tank about a vertical axis with the help on an Electric motor and worm reduction gearbox placed underneath the tank. Impinging of water jets coming from nozzles on 304 Screws fitted on an aluminium plate produces the shower. The nozzles are fitted on aluminum blocks, which are in turn connected to a closed piping system. Water is supplied to piping system through an electric pump.

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Air Permeability Tester
Air Permeability Tester Model FTE002
Air Permeability tester for textiles is used for air permeability testing of the fabrics. Digital and analogue models are available. This system consists of an arrangement for holding the test specimens between two flat faces so as to expose a known area to the flow of air through it, a vacuum system to draw air through the exposed area of the test specimens.

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Beaker Dyeing Machine Model FTE003
Atmospheric Pressure Beaker Dyeing Machine is used for high temperature dying of fabric and yarn.

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Pilling Tester
Pilling Tester Model FTE004
Test the pilling of the textile fabrics supplied with template, 8 rubber tubes and jig/fixture. Two box and four box models are available. The Pilling Tester consists of two cubical boxers inner walls of box are lined by 3mm thick cork sheet.

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Beasley Balance Model FTE005
Beasley Balance is used for measure the direct yarn count. The balance made of an aluminium beam which is pivoted at a bracket with the help of two Jewel Bearings. One end of the beam have a stainless steel hook for putting the yarn.

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Thickness Gauge
Thickness Gauge Model FTE006
Bench Thickness Gauge for fabric is used for the thickness measurement of the fabric, paper, rubber, plastic, flooring, etc. Analogue and digital models are available. The systems consists of a dial micrometer fitted on a digital micrometer fitted on a rigid metallic frame.

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Snap Pull Out Tester Model FTE007
Snap pull out tester is used to determine the holding or breaking strength of prong-ring attached snap fasteners on the garments. The testing equipment comprises of an upper Snap-Clamp, a Lower Fabric Clamp & a Force Gauge mounted on a stand. The component to be tested is gripped by the Upper Snap Clamp and the garment is fixed to the Lower Fabric Clamp.

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Martindale Abrasion Cum Pilling Tester
Martindale Abrasion Cum Pilling Tester Model FTE008
The Martindale Abrasion cum Pilling Tester measures the abrasion and pilling of the textile fabrics. It consists of four testing plates on which the abrading fabrics is attached, these four testing table are mounted on the base plate of the instrument. There is revolving plate, which revolves with the help of three cranks, pegs & motor. There are four sleeves attached on the revolving plate.

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Colour Matching Cabinet
Colour Matching Cabinet Model FTE009
Colour Matching Cabinet provides standardized and environment for visual assessment of colour .it is suitable for all applications where is a need to maintain colour consistency and quality .it allow a person to evaluate colour sample under different light sources, artificial daylight, filament light, ultra violet light and tube light TL 84 (triphosphor fluorescent light).

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Launderometer Model FTE0010
Launder-o-meter consists of a digitally controlled, electrically heated double walled water bath. The inside walls of the bath are made of al Stainless steel the out side walls are made of mild CRCA sheet duly enameled. The bath is heated by means of heaters. Temperature controller controls the temperature of water inside the bath. The temperature is indicated on a digital indicator. The bath has a double walled hinged lit made of stainless steel sheet.

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Crease Recovery Tester Model FTE0011
The Crease Recovery Tester is designed to measure crease recovery angle of fabrics. It consists of a rotary circular scale on which a spring type specimen clamp is fixed on the base plate on which the above arrangement is mounted. The test specimen is fixed on a loading strip supplied with the equipment.

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Drape Meter
Drape Meter Model FTE0012
Drape meter consists of a circular specimen support, an electric lamp to give off light, and an exposing and developing arrangement using light sensitive ammonia paper to determined the area covered by the shadow of the test specimen, and an electric lamp to expose the ammonia paper to determine the area covered by the shadow of the test specimen. The circular specimen support is made out cast aluminum and is fixed over a clear acrylic sheet.

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Stiffness Tester
Stiffness Tester Model FTE0013
The stiffness tester made of a flat, smooth and low friction horizontal metallic surface. These are two vertical transparent plates on which the line are marked at specified angle. There is a metallic scat, the bottom surface are attached to a rubber and the upper surface attached to a scat.

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Conditioning Chamber
Conditioning Chamber Model FTE0014
The Conditioning Chamber made of cubical shape, the inner body of the chamber made of Stainless Steel, there is a Stainless Steel water tank at the bottom of the chamber, an immersed heater is fitted to the tank for making Humidity. There are two wire mesh tray are also fitted to the chamber, the tray are removable, the test specimen are hold by the trays. There is a hinged door on the front of it.

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Perspirometer Model HV-EXP3994
Perspirometer - Colorfastness of dyed or printed fabrics against perspiration is determined by exposing the fabric sample to the action of both alkaline and acidic reagents while in contact with undyed fabrics on both sides. The test specimens, held between two white adjacent fabrics, are placed between plastic plates under a fixed load inside a hot air oven maintained at 37° C. The apparatus used for this test is called the perspirometer. & The Perspirometer consists of a metallic loading frame and a set of acrylic plates which can be kept in the loading frame. & The loading frame consists of two steel plates separated from each other by four mild steel rods. A set of two mild steel plates held together by means of distance pieces and springs with a dead weight are provided to apply a constant force on the test specimens placed between acrylic plates. & Technical Data Dimensions of test specimens : 10 cm x 4 cm & Force on test specimens : 5 kg & Dimensions of acrylic plates : 11.5 cm x 6.0 cm & Number of acrylic plates : Sixteen.

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