Muller-Breslau Reactions- Engineering Lab Training Systems

Model HV-EXP4868
Features Self-contained model Immediate analogue solution Effective teaching aid Demonstrates how model analysis provides redundant forces For lecture or laboratory Three year warranty Range of Experiments Measurement of the redundant reactions at the supports in a two span continuous beam Description The model is built on a pressed steel base with plastic piers that support a single span flexible steel beam. Swivelling bearings can accommodate horizontal movement while enabling external moments to be applied and measured. An inserted locking pin makes a fixed end. Dual deflection scales on adjustable vertical posts enable displacements to be measured and seen at 10 m distance. A set of thick plates is supplied to enable a forced displacement to be produced at one end and the internal supports. A complete instruction manual is provided describing the apparatus, its application, experimental procedure and theory. Although the equipment is designed primarily for use by lecturing staff, the manual has a section provided for individual student use..

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