Over Head Projectors

Over Head Projectors

Model OHP001

 Excellent contrast through uni - focal single element 90mm objective
    Projection platform 250 x 250mm 


    Built -to-last, sheet metal chassis offers structural and durability un -matched.
    Projector equipped with Twin halogen lamps with a lamp quick- Changer which can be easily operated from outside. Should a lamp fail during a presentation the spare lamp can be quickly utilized with simple turn of the knob. The projector does not have to be opened.
    Indigenous projection lamp with longest life, easy availability, low voltage, high intensity, Halogen switch 24 x 24V/250W.
    Economy switch DIM/ BRIGHT.
    Cooling throw cross Air flow fan  maintains low temperatures on the stage.
    Indigenously manufactured - easy access to support and spares.


    Ready for operation within seconds
    Thermocol packing for safety during transportation and idle for repacking.
    Rotating projection head 360°.


 Writing pack, A - 4 plain transparency 25nos, 2 nos, Glass fuse, dust cover.

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