Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger - Engineering Lab Equipment

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger - Engineering Lab Equipment

Model HTL0013

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger are popular in industries because they occupy less space and offer reasonable temperature drop. The apparatus consists of fabricated SS shell, inside which copper tubes with baffles on outer side are fitted. This is two-pass heat exchanger so that hot water passes to one end of shell through the tubes and returns to another end through remaining tubes. The cold water is admitted at the one end of shell, which passes over the hot-water tubes. Valves are provided to control the flow rates of hot and cold water. Flow rates of hot and cold water are measured using Rotameters. A magnetic drive pump is used to circulate the hot water from a re-cycled type water tank, which is fitted with heaters and Digital Temperature Controller.


  • The main object of the experimental setup is to study the following at various flow rates:
    • LMTD. .
    • Heat transfer rate
    • Overall Heat Transfer Co-efficient

Utilities Required

  • Water supply 20 lit/min (approx.) and drain
  • Electricity Supply: I Phase, 220 V AC, 4 kW
  • Floor area of 1.5m x 0.75 m

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