Vertical and Horizontal Condenser

Model HV-EXP2976
Vertical and Horizontal Condenser Shell & Tube type condensers are widely used in various industries. The present set-up offers us a comparative study of Vertical & Horizontal condenser, which can be operated simultaneously. Condensers are fabricated Stainless steel shell, inside which copper tubes are fitted. Cold fluid enters from one end of the tubes and come out of the other. Hot fluid that is steam is admitted at the one end of shell passes over the cold-water tubes. Valves are provided to control the flow rates of cold fluids. Flow rate of cold water is measured by using Rotameter. Shell is fitted with steam traps from where condensate is collected in measuring cylinder. Temperature of inlet and outlet of both hot & cold fluids are measured by temperature sensors Experiments To determine the overall Heat Transfer Co-efficient experimentally and compare it with the value obtained from standard correlation. To make a comparative study of Vertical & Horizontal Condenser Utilities Required Water supply 20 lit/min (approx.) and drain. Electricity Supply: 1Phase, 220 V AC, 4 kW. Floor area of 1.5m x 1m Heat Transfer lab equipment manufacturers,exporters and Heat Transfer Lab suppliers

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